the people (unlucky_numbers)


"What about them?"

They scare me.

"What kind of people scare you?"

People. Lotsa people. People I don't know. People I do.

"What scares you most about people?"

Intentions. People have them.

"Other things have them too, like Animals..."

But Animals don't lie about them. People lie about them all the time. They lie about wanting other people. About hating other people. About needing other people. They lie about it.

"But you lie. They lie. Everyone lies. It's a part of survival. We build walls to protect our Intentions. Are you scared of walls?"


"Why are you scared of walls?"

Because. When you build walls, you keep People out, but you and your Intentions in. If you keep your Intentions locked inside with you, eventually they take over. You lose yourself in your own shadow.

"Are you scared of people finding your Intentions?"

I'm scared of People finding myself.