hair dye crash course (metal candycane)
You'll need some Manic Panic hair dye, available here:
Or you could check out Ebay and get it for a great price. Though, the regular price is truly worth it.

Manic Panic is really the only way to go in my opinion. All their products are completely vegan, so there's no harsh chemicals to damage your hair. In fact, you can leave their dye on as long as you please, it conditions your hair. I often leave it on overnight so as to let it thoroughly saturate my hair. The color is more intense too.

There are a few types of dyes available from them, but the cream is my favorite.

Obviously you'll need to bleach beforehand. Since you are dying it, you won't want to condition your hair in the shower when you go to wash the bleach out. Just shampoo. It'll feel a little weird, but it'll be back to normal in no time. Wait about 24 hours, and then you're ready to dye! (Don't use any hair products between the time you shampoo to the dye)

You'll need
-Shower cap
-Old shirt for dye drips
-towel to wipe off dye you get on neck/face
-Dye, duh.

Brush out hair and mist with water to slightly dampen. Get on your gloves and get out the dye, and start putting it on your hair, spreading thoroughly, combing it though. massage around your head to help activate it.

Once it's spread through, briefly blowdry it with the blowdryer on high. Heat helps activate it, much like the bleach. Cover head with shower cap and run the blowdry over it maybe once an hour or so. You can leave it on as long as you please (it's good for your hair, remember?) the longer you keep it on, the longer lasting it'll be and more intense. granted, intensity also depends on how light you got your hair with the bleach.)

Once it's time to take it off, get in that good old shower and rinse ONLY with water as cold as you can bear. You can start shampooing the next time you take a shower. Just remember, every time you shampoo, it takes a little color away. So does excess sun, hot oil treatments, and straight ironing, and hot water. That's why you should wash your hair in water as cold as you can bear. But you'll most likely have lots of dye left over in the jar, depending on hair length, so you can touch it up every once in a while to keep it nice and colorful. I suggest every one to two weeks.