General Principles

  1. The goal of the operators (those whose names are marked with @, &, or ~) is to make reasonable decisions in the interest of preventing the channel from sucking.
  2. Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. If you aren't sure if something's okay, ask.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, all rules have an implicit "unless it's really funny" after them. If you think it's funny and the rest of the channel doesn't, you're wrong.
  4. These rules will change if a change is called for.
  5. Operators and regulars can and will break all of these rules and get away with it. Just because you see someone else do something doesn't mean you're allowed to do it, too.


  1. Use AOL speak ("how r u" and the like). You're embarassing yourself.
  2. Private message users just after entering or without their permission. If we want to talk, we'll talk.
  3. Send clear-cut spam: sending the same line, meaningless lines, advertising lines, etc. over and over to the channel. There is no possible valid reason ever to do this. You will be automatically banned for this after a certain number of lines, but just because this doesn't happen doesn't mean you're not breaking this rule.
  4. Make statements which are completely hurtful and have no other value. Offensive jokes are fine; being genuinely offensive is not.
  5. Misleading other users into thinking you're someone else by means you could reasonably have predicted.
  6. Speaking entirely or mostly in languages other than English. If you want to have a private conversation with whoever can understand you, do it elsewhere. The main channel is for socializing with everyone, which requires using the known common language.