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Default RO sever for serious player

Computer spec.

- Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard
- AMD Sempron 2600+ CPU
- 512Mb PC2700 DDR RAM
- 80Gb 7200Rpm IDE HD
- 8 (5 useable) IP Addresses
- 1000Gb Bandwidth
- Private VLAN
- 100Mbps Uplink
- Savvis Communications DC
- Software Firewalls
- Ping monitoring
mosters spam skills like crazy
Wed: 20:00>>21:00 pacific time
Sat: 19:00>>20:00 pacific time
standard npcs
everything is standard
comply to iRO,kRO
just change the address to
name_M or name_F
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Talking Fatal Fusion RO!

Server Name
Fatal Fusion RO

eAthena TXT PR 1.0

Server Specs
CPU speed: 3.2 Ghz
Ram: 1 Gig
Harddrive: 180 Gb
Connection: Cable 10/100mbit burstable
Server Rates = 3000 Exp 3000 JExp 50 Drop rate

Server NPC
Super NPC - Heal/Jobchanger/Warper/Learn Skill
Gold Room - Event gold room, won't be active all the time.
PVP Ladder - Shows who has the most PVP wins.
Universal Ladder - A ladder that shows who's the best of the best.
Also we have treasure chests that spawn in all dungeons every hour randomly, so look out for those. I will be adding more scripts soon but for now these will do. Also, don't ask for the Gold room to be openned because I will open it when I feel like it.

Server specialty
Fun and community.

Forum link
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Default CakeRO -- Duel Servers -- [100/100/100] & [2k/2k/1k]

Server Name: CakeRO
How to Register:
Go to http://www.cakero.net/cp to register for CakeRO. And to download the patch get it at http://files.deltaanime.net/DrakenZ/cakero-patch.exe and run the it. It will automatically do everything for you.
Site: http://www.cakero.net
Patch: http://files.deltaanime.net/DrakenZ/cakero-patch.exe
Registration: http://www.cakero.net/cp/
IRC: irc.deltaanime.net #CakeRO
Hardware Specs:
- 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 (HT)
- 1GB Ram
- 300GB HDD
- 1500GB Transfer
- 100Mbit Dedicated Connection
- Linux Debian 32
- Uptime: 24/7
- eAthena SVN - Latest & Stable.
Low Rate

- Drop Rate: 100/100/100
- Max Stats: 99
- Max Character Slots: 9
- Max Base Level: 120
- Max Job Level: 90
High Rate
- Drop Rate: 2k/2k/1k
- Max Stats: 200
- Max Character Slots: 9
- Max Base Level: 255
- Max Job Level: 120
- Custom Headgear
- Custom Pets
- Warp NPC
- Healer NPC
- Card Remover NPC
- 32 Event Headgear NPC
- MvP Arena NPC
- Job Changer
- Stylist NPC
- Wedding NPC
- Wedding Skills
- Kafra Express
Extra Notes:
- Dead Branches are turned off throughout the server.
- GMs are friendly and will assist you.
- Rules will be enforced if any happen to be broken.
- Server is fast, stable and lag free.
- FUN.
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Sever Name SirRO

Rate High

lvl255/reborn sever


GM ok helpful/in need of event GM ect ect/GM on all the time

woe up and running

100%lag free


easy 2 download and play

error free

wedding'event'woe disguise ect ect

over all a good sever

the site would love 2 have u ^.^

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Exclamation New RO TopSite dedicated to RO

A new topsite server dedicated to only ragnarok online. It's still new and no real list of servers.
Simple easy registration
Has site highlights everyone has equal oppertunity for the spotlight.

RO TopSites
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Default FFX-ro

hi there
try out this server its brand new and its really fun.
Rates 10,000/10,000/10,000
Shopping mall has almost every equip you need
Reset Girl
Disguise npc turns you into any monster you wish
Pvp arena
includes new TK class

use _M or _F to register
example: (username)_M for males or (username)_F for females

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?>
<desc>Ragnarok Client Information - Taiwan Version</desc>
<desc>ragnarok online</desc>
<registrationweb>_M or _F</registrationweb>
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Server Emulator: eAthena P.R 1.0 SQL (Modiffied)

- Fishing System!
- 377 Custom Pets!
- SaRO Music Hall, Up to 30 Songs!
- SaRO PvP Arena, New Payon, Wahla! Get Your DotA Streak!
- Miniboss Arena! Died? Too many monsters? Say good bye to those monsters in 10 seconds! (Arena Must Be Empty, no players)
- DP System! Redeep your DP Items Today! God-Items? Hard to get? Buy those DP Vouchers From Players!
- Custom Items, Yes! Custom Items! Can Be Get From DP System!
- SaRO New Jobs! Taekwon! How To Get Em? Get Em At New Payon!
- Christmas Packs!

Rates: [150x/150x/80x]

Download SaRO Setup 2.0

Website: http://saros.no-ip.info
Forums: http://saroboard.ath.cx
IRC: irc://irc.deltaanime.net#saro

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Default NinjaRO


Server Name: NinjutsuRO

Site: (Working on it)

Patch: (Working on it)

Registration: (_M/_F)

IRC: (Don't think of having it yet)

Hardware Specs:

- 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 (HT)

- 1GB Ram

- 300GB HDD

- 1500GB Transfer

- 100Mbit Dedicated Connection

- Uptime: 24/7

- eAthena SVN - Latest & Stable.


- Drop Rate: 800/800/25

- Max Stats: 255

- Max Character Slots: 9

- Max Base Level: 255

- Max First Class Job Level: 50

- Max Advance Class Job Level: 50

- Max Transcendent Job Level: 120


- @Mi

- @Ii

- @Die

- @petrename

- @Go

- @Who

- @Storage

- @GStorage

- @Away

- @Autoloot


[GM]Shinobi:[99] Hoster/Main-Server Admin/Event Host/Scriptor

[GM]Yukito:[99] Scriptor/Second In Command-Server Admin/ Event Host

[GM]Abel:[80] Event Host/Community

[GM]Koramar:[80] Event Host/Advertiser

InstructionsStep by Step)

1ownload Kro/Sakray Lastest Version(If possable)

2:Update Both Kro And Sakray Before joining server

3:Recommend Updating every week(If can Update everyday)

4:Copy Sclient From <clientinfo> TO </clientinfo>

5:Go to My Computer > C: or D: Drive > Program Files > Gravity > Ro > Data <

6:Open Sclientinfo

7:Erase everything in there (recommend if not a advance ro player)

8:Paste the Sclient that was on the website into Sclientinfo

9ownload Hexro.exe(working on Ninjutsu RO .exe)

10:Place Hexro into My Computer > C: or D: Drive > Program Files > Gravity > Ro <

11:Start up Hexro.exe

12:Registor, IDYourAccountName) + _M or _F , Password: (Your Password)

Example: ID:ASDF_M Password:asdf

13:Create a character (unlimited slots)

14:And Now Your In

Once your in the server feel free to ask GMs any question that does not deal with begging.





<display>Ninjutsu RO</display>






<registrationweb />



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Default got Ragnarok?

Got Ragnarok Online?
You might have seen one of our previous advertisements, but we'd like y'all to know that gRO has gone through some major renovations, and has come out even better than before!
gRO is a growing server, online 24/7 with a great community and a dedicated, interactive GM staff!
Server Specs:
...100 Mbit
...Rates: 11/11/11
...eAthena SVN: 3567
...Transcendent Class Implemented
...New Towns: Einbroch, Lighthalzen, Ayotaya
...New Dungeons: Einbroch, Ayotaya
...Coming Soon: Taekwon Job Class, Juperos & Thanatos Dungeons
...::Base Level: 99
...::Job Level: 70(2-1, 2-2) 90(Rebirth classes)
...::Stats: 99
...Custom NPCs
...::Town/Dungeon Warp
...::Personal & Guild Storage
...::Skill/Stat Reset
...::PvP - 5 Different Rooms!
...::Bank (with interest)
...:: Dead Branch Arena - Many Rooms
...::Cart/Falcon/Peco Rental
...Tons of Custom Cards
...War of Emperium 3 times weekly: (All times EST...Friday 9pm-11pm, Saturday 6pm-8pm, Sunday 12pm-2pm)
Join Us!
Registration is easy and FREE:
1. Visit the gRO Homepage
2. Click on 'Registration' in the main menu to register your account.
3. Follow the instructions in the 'Downloads' and 'Installation' sections to get connected!
4. Play!
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Old 12-29-2005, 05:47 PM   #85
Hey Now
Tournaments Won: 1


Join This Server it rocks the GM's are extremely nice and you can get extremely rare items to join just go to this website:
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Thumbs up Best private RO server!

Looking for a private server worth your time?

Tired of being overrun by bots, transcendended classes, and GMs that don't have the time to care?

Tired of not being able to play on your server because it's "experiencing technical difficulties"?

If any of these apply to you, welcome to AnimaRO!

AnimaRO is a private server with 5/5/3 rates to maintain the feel of the real RO experience without all the hassles, and utilizes Aegis 8.5 which allows for advanced classes, super novices, and wedding skills. With rates closer to the real thing, you don't have to worry about feeling like the only player out there with out an advanced class. ...but you can feel proud if you do transcend.

AnimaRO maintains two 3 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM machines rented by a professional data center. What does this mean for you? Exponentially more reliable servers without worrying about the typical server crashes (and loss of countless hours due to character rollbacks!) Similarly, the server is automatically backed up daily. AnimaRO also has an HTTP download section for members, so you never have to worry about broken links or overloaded download servers.

AnimaRO has an incredibly active player base, as exhibited in their forums and in game. Got a question? Can't find a GM? Post in the forums and help is on its way.

AnimaRO has a team of GMs with clear responsibilities so they can all work together to provide you the best experience possible. From daily and weekly events to ensuring bots get what is coming to them, there is a GM available so players are never in the dark.

AnimaRO also has numerous modifications that make it unique, while still maintaining that authentic gaming experience. Some of these include:
- Same-sex marriage options
- Skill/stat resets via NPC
- NPC healer (so you don't waste valuable training time sitting in town)
- Custom headgear NPC, with custom headgears unique only to AnimaRO
- and more!

I'm not a GM, nor am I friends with the people responsible for making this server great. I am simply a player who wants to spread the word on the best private server I've found.

Take some time to check out AnimaRO. You won't be disappointed!

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Default International Darkphyre

The Darphyre Administrative team welcomes you to the grand opening of the International Darkphyre Ragnarok Online server.

International Darkphyre just wants the best of the best for you. that's why we are offering 3 servers.

If you are the type of person who likes to deserve and win their stuff and want to feel proud of what they have then you will love Darkphyre's Serenity.

If you like a little out of everything, Custom NPC's including Job Changer and Warper, but you don't want to level up as fast as a high rated server, then you will like the medium rates of Darkphyre's Convena.

Or if you are the type of persons that would like to be strong as soon as possible, or don't have enough time in their hands, then the solution for your problems is Darkphyre's Fenrir.



Rates: 3/3/2
Max Available Base Level: 99
Max Available Job Level: 70
Starting point: Novice Training Grounds

Background: This server is for the iRO lovers, its specially designed to be like the official Ragnarok Online server with a little boost on performance.


Rates: 100/100/50
Max Available Base Level: 255
Max Available Job Level: 120
Starting point: Prontera

Background: Tired of low rated servers but too many features? Tired of high rated servers but not enough features? Well Darkphyre's Convena is right for you. specially designed to be a fun server. high max levels, medium rates, and lots of features.


Rates: 800/800/500
Max Available Base Level: 255
Max Available Job Level: 120
Starting point: Geffen

Background: This server is for the fast leveling lovers. Fenrir is used as the Test server. In Fenrir, we will add and test new custom NPC's, items, and equipments.


This is a growing Ragnarok Online Network, I hope you be with us from the start trough the end, then again, the end wont be for a long, long time.


International Darkphyre Website: http://darkphyre.net/


Thank you for your time and support and hope to see you then.
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Default Play EdmontonRO Today!

EdmontonRO is back up and running 24/7

EdmontonRO will stay up 24/7, it is not one of those servers that stay up for a few days than goes down forever.

EdmontonRO is not centered on creating a competitive atmosphere. Rather we focus on making a server with friendships, loyalty, and trust. Everyone knows everybody, and we're all friends. Join our community and bring your friends,
its all about having fun here. Doesnt matter if your coming on to level and fight, or just sit and chill.



:thrilled: Aznrevolution - Hoster / MainGM :thrilled:
Ikasu - GM
Sniper - GM


Rates: 10k/10k/10k
Maxlevel: 255/120
Maxstats: 999
Custom NPCs
Custom Items
Custom Pets
Friendly GM's
Vent server
barely any lag at all
Plus much more
Player side commands: @go @who @die @save @storage @warp
We're updating everyday to enhance gamer's game-play to be more enjoyable. We take suggestions and demands.


Visit our forum for .exe and sclientinfo, as well as news, updates , and upcoming events.

EdmontonRO Forums

We hope to see you there!

PS to moderator: Sorry for posting so many, but errors keep coming up and I get no response from my emails, please delete the old posts and post this one please.
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DiviniaRO LR & HR!

Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM
2 lagless servers on a super-stable eAthena platform.
LR rates are 5x/5x/3x/2x
HR rates are 2000x/2000x/100x/10x!

Come be part of the server which helped code the TaeKwon Boy class, completely developed the Comodo Gambler (first server to have it!), and is starting next month on the Ninja class! Super-dedicated admins. WoE on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Servers constantly growing and updated nearly daily. If we aren't updating, we're developing updates!

Server Admins:
LR Admin:
<GM>Pants Rabbit
HR Admin:

Re-opening week double EXP starts January 9th and lasts through the 16th! Come check it out!


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Default XekuRO

General Information -

XekuRO is a new Ragnarok Online free private server. Basically what we are trying to do is make everything as custom as possible with our server. As we only started today we dont have much features besides the basics and our popularity isnt so great. But we plan to advertise in many areas and increase its popularity. Here is some server details

Server Details -
- Rates 400/250/150 not 2 hard not 2 easy
- 3.0Ghz Dual Core
- 1gb Kingston Ram
- 120GB Seagate SATA
- 1mbit Connection
- 24/7 Server Status (15-30 Minute Daily Rest/Check Up)
- SQL Athena
- Custom Starter Program /w Update System
- Events Based On World Events (valentines day,xmas,new year etc)
- Working on custom sprite armor - Bleach Captain Costume (Guild Leaders)
- Working on a anti-hack program sort of like gameguard but weaker.

Other Info -

We strive to bring daily entertainment and scripts for your enjoyment in the game. We try to update as much as possible but in return we ask you to update your clients to their latests so that you can keep up with our server.

As of today we are still in testing phase and we are still working on monster spawns event times and all sorts of other things so maybe you can help us through this testing phase and report all errors and such.

Remember im asking you to update your ragnarok,sakray to its latest or you will get errors from some of our npc databases that link with the latest updates. No need to go on our site everyday to check for updates because they will be installed directly and if updates dont work we post manual update downloads on our site aswell. As i said we plan on adding everything as custom as we can. Who knows maybe in the future we will design a whole new town but im not making any promises. I know what we are trying to do is a lot of hard work but seeing a happy community is what we like most.

How to join us

If you direct yourself to our website you will find downloads for latest Rag,Sakray and the runtime files for our server which you MUST install where ragnarok is located hopefully at program files/gravity/ro to reduce error ratio.

Like what you see? Then head over to our website by clicking here

Have latest RO and SAK installed? just go to the download page and skip to step four to get only the xRO patch. Any problems are to be dealt with within the forums of xRO. Please read the rules and have a fun time !

website - http://www.xeku50.com

- StriferCloud ... xRO Team ...
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Default WarRO

Hello all,

A new server is on the street’s after a 2 week’s of adding and fixing up the server in test stage’s its final ready for a release. WarRO is a new and fast growing community; We have loads of custom npc’s to the server. And we are hoping to add more while’s time goes on. Here is some of the server’s information such as rates and how to register.

Rates: 500/300/300 After a stable amount of players the drop and job rate will be changed to 50x.
Max base level: 254 [Ask GM to raise your level to 255]
Max job Level: 70
Max stats: 130
Normal none gm commands: @autoloot/@mi/@go/@storage/@petrename
GVG on sometime... We aren't sure.
kRO/sak client you need to play: [Patch contains the exe.]
Main town map: Prontera
Registering: _M/_F
Web site URL: http://warro.deltaanime.net (Currently under construction. Working on a new layout)
Forum URL: http://warro.deltaanime.net/forum
Auto patcher URL: http://warro.deltaanime.net/warro.exe

We hope to see some of you in game soon. If you don’t have the latest kro/sak and want to know where to get it you can find a list of link’s and info on how to set up to play our server here: http://www.warro.deltaanime.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3 . I hope that will help you get the latest kRO/sak and get playing in game. If you would like anymore information about this server you can email me at jasoncattle@hotmail.com . I hope to see a few of you guys in game soon.

Thanks from the WarRO GM team. Admins - [GM- Kada / Pheonix / Kailure]
Subs - Aznkobe / Soul
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Server Name:

Eathena SVN 4912 SQL

21k base exp
21.5k job exp
12k drop rate (card drop rate is 17k)
Max level: 500
Max stats: 500
Max job level: 250+
Max HP: 5mil
Max SP: 5mil
Monster HP Rate: 100-250 (this means that monsters have up to twice as much hp)

Custom stuff:
WoE (everyday from noon till 1 pm on weekdays and from noon till 2 pm on weekends [GTM -7])
MvP arena
Stat/Skill point buyer/seller
Custom Homunculus breeder
24 custom loading screens
custom log in screen/misuc
custom hair styles (comming soon)
MvM arena (comming when i find a more stable script)
Minning (comming soon)
Lightsout minigame
Minesweeper minigame
poring smasher minigame (comming soon)
super refiner (refines up to +50 for now)
Job changer (has all classes cept gunner since it hasnt been released yet)
bank npc
Charecter Class monsters:
check forum in future for map list on which they will be implemented.
Monster's hp displayed
Free Healer
Donation NPC
Gold Room
@go command
@autoloot command
Guild vs Guild warper
nightmare maps (when killed drop items[comming soon])
Pk almost anywhere (except for Prontera and Payon)

We are a new server so we will have a few bugs and will try to be up 24/7.
We are currently supporting _M/_F registration.

Website: GeoRo Website
Forum: GeoRo Forums

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Default korruptRO


Website . Forums . Control Panel . #korruptro @ irc.deltaanime.net

A growing mid-rate server with lots of cool people and GMs. Primarily English-speaking, but French, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking GMs are available in-game. Server is up 24/7.

Run on eAthena

Pride 30/30/30 rates
Max Level: 120/70
Max Base Stats: 99


Envy 200/200/100 rates
Max Level: 255/70
Max Base Stats: 99

Registration: Control Panel
_M/_F method (Log in with YOURUSERNAME_M/F when you first play and your desired password. M creates a male character account, F creates a female. When you log in again, leave off the _M or _F.)

•TaeKwon Class
•Custom Headgears
•Warp NPC
•Stat/Skill Reset NPC
•Platinum Skill NPC
•PvP Town
•Rental NPC
•Stylist with 12 custom haircolors and 77 clothing colors
•Alchemist Shop
•Stock Exchange
•Black Jack
•Rock-Paper-Scissors Russian Roulette NPC
•MVP Warper in Envy

WoE Schedule
Sunday 11AM-1PM PST (GMT-8)
Tuesday 3PM-5PM
Friday 8PM-10PM

GM Scryed (Head)
GM Exus (Spanish-speaking)
GM Ben
GM Element
GM Jon
GM Paige
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Default RebirthRO

RebirthRO has been alive for almost two years now and is looking for new players to join our tight community.
Our community loves to be on the forum so if you like to be on them too this might be a good community for you too!
RebirthRO has an easy patch system, all you need to have is kRO and Sakray then just download the auto patcher install it and enjoy RebirthRO!
RebirthRO focuses on keeping Ragnarok Online the way it should be, the rates are higher but the game is still a challenge.
You wont find items as easily either.
Server Specs:
- Server 1 (login server and char server)
- Speed: 3.80GHz
- Pentium 4 Processor
- Dedicated Server
- Server 2 (map server)
- Speed: 3.80GHz
- Pentium 4 Processor
- Dedicated Server
- Advanced Classes
- Supernovice
- Wedding and Divorce
- Working Highclasses Skills
- New mobs
- Item Database Updated To Ep:9
- TK Classes
Scripts and NPCs:
- All official scripts and quests availible for use
- Warp NPC
- Healer
- Healring
- PvP Room
- God Item quests
- Stylist
- Reset NPC
- NPC mall
- Platinum skills NPC
Custom Items:
See them all with pictures here! http://www.rebirthro.com/donations.php
Other Stuff:
Max level 255/70 (So noone will ever get bored)
Max Stat: 99
Up Time: 24/7
Rates: 50/50/10
Main City: Prontera
All towns
Website: www.RebirthRO.com
Please come check us out. We try to keep things simple, yet fun with lot's of events.
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What the hell is this stuff?!?!!!
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Old 01-23-2006, 10:00 PM   #96
Ninja Pimp Slap!


Originally Posted by uber_jedi
What the hell is this stuff?!?!!!
It's a place to post RO private servers...which is a sprite based MMO. Pretty fun, I used to play it.
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OK, I don't have a good enough computer so, poop.
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Old 01-28-2006, 10:28 AM   #98
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Default Ragnarok server

to conecct to my server use this sclientinfo

remeber my server is not a 24/7 server so you need my prana updater to conect to my server http://gamemasteron.topcities.com/prana.rar
or sent a e-mail to martin.terlouw@gmail.com

p.s. the high classes on my server are bugt so you can't transform into the high class

Last edited by king; 01-28-2006 at 10:31 AM.
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Old 01-28-2006, 10:30 PM   #99
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Default Whitelighter RO! New MidRate Server!



-60x Base level
-65x Joblevel
-15x Drop Rates
-Custom NPCS: Warp NPC, Jobchanger, Weather Tester, Monster Disguiser, House Seller, and much more to come!
-First 30 Members recieve a free Reward!
-IN NEED OF SPRITING GM (A gm who can make sprites/palletes/custom equips. etc.) 90 GM POWER!
-Come on down! In-Game Zeny rewards for advertising our server on other sites!
-Bring your FRIENDS!
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Pff! to all of you single-posters!!!
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