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Default Elite forces: Clones


Series of “ELITE FORCES” games has been enlarged by newly released “ELITE FORCES: CLONES”. This remake of classic strategy game makes you feel the power of clones’ creator. And the lord of more than 50 maps and locations where fierce battles for land and housing break out every time you press “Play” button!

First of all, you start the game with selection of 2 types of troops:
- RED (Bonus: +10% Speed, +80% Regen)
- BLUE (Bonus: +10% Regen, +3 Damage,+2 Armor)
Also there are GREEN troops (+5 Damage, +1 Armor) that often oppose the other parties. That makes the game really exciting and challenging. When you try to succeed in fighting two rivals simultaneously that’s the time when you must show not only your strategic thinking but some talent in quick thoughtful tactic operation of troops as well.

On every map you face big variety of barracks and opposing parties' stationings, camps and special buildings. That gives you new experience, challenge and sometimes really tough moments when they press upon you from every side. Apart from the main objective – to conquer every single barrack and last patch of ground on the map – you’ll have to complete some alternative tasks. You will need to capture Genetic Labs (that increase speed rate of your troops) to strengthen your clones. Sometimes you’ll have to take control over Holding Point and defend it. Quite often you and your rivals will get support of the Partisans that will not be in direct control but help replenish your army. Cannons if captures will give your troops significant benefits - they shoot enemy troops from distance and need two times more attackers to get ahold.

In general, core gameplay is quite easy to understand and master - you select any building with your troops and send half of them in any direction. They fight enemies and conquer other buildings. The more buildings you control the more powerful your army is. Press "Space" to select all your buildings and start mass assaults on your enemies!

We recommend playing this game:

- to fans of dynamic strategy games
- to those enjoying war-themed games
- to those who like ELITE FORCES series

Our remarks:

- graphics is not so bright as it could be
- maps get repetitive over some time of playing

Our rating: 7/10

The game was developed by: Vadim Starygin (elite-games.net)

Play the game here - http://www.elite-games.net/games/898...es-clones.html
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