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America, Canada's pants.

Default Update of the Century.

Yes, this is indeed the update of the century. When I so very well choose to update, I will try and include five pieces of entertainment. And so: I present to you this awesome update. (P.S Capital letters are for suckers).

The worst thing that can happen to you is your girlfriend cheating on you, right? Not true, especially if you have a Boba Fett action figure worth over $600.

room mate revenge [ 3.6 mb ]

Nasty two handed slash which happened last season in the NHL. Chris Simon slashed RyanHollweg, which resulted in a 25 game suspension.

chris simon two handed slash [ 1.4 mb ]

Watch this video, I'd only ruin it by describing it.

bobby butronik: perfect dating [ 2.9 mb ]

My favourite Robot Chicken clip ever. The villain car pool

robot chicken: villain car pool [ 5.7 mb ]

A fun game by Mousebreaker. A tip for ten hits without a strike or out: try and hit the very top of the ball. You should hit grounders most of the time.
pinch hitter [ 1.3 mb ]

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i'm here to admire your update

hey.. 1000th post. go me.

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You can slash in hockey?!
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