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Default Anyone affected by the APOCALYPS3?

Some older PS3 units are plagued with a software bug that causes the system to think that 2010 is a leap year. When the date changes to Feb. 29th 2010, it causes an error which changes the date to December 31st 1999. This stops the trophy system from functioning properly, making all games that use trophies unplayable. It is also apparently corrupting save game files, and preventing users from connecting to PSN.

Unfortunately you cannot simply change your date in settings, as the PS3 actually has two independent clocks. There is the user modifiable visible date and time, and a second unchangeable date and time that is used by the system for things like DRM.

I have a console that was manufactured in 2007, but have been unaffected by this software bug. I did recently have the CR2032 from my PS3 out of my system when doing the YLOD fix. It has been said that removing it from the console will fix the bug many users are experiencing, as the internal clock should default to to December 2005.

Anyone PS3 owners here experiencing any issues?
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I'm not experiencing any of those problems because I have a slim right now. I heard that problem was mostly happening to the older 'fat PS3s'.
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I Knew It All


Fuck my life ....
i have the classic 8001050F error code

well i have to wait for PSN too make my life good again
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Originally Posted by Heyyou27 View Post
Anyone PS3 owners here experiencing any issues?
Not a PS3 owner myself, of my friends on campus one says he's encountered the problem on his launch PS3.
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The issue should be resolved now. If it doesn't work automatically, you may want to go to Date and Time Settings and update via Internet.
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I just heard about the issue a few hours after it was fixed. I'm glad everything turned out ok.
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