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Default Hulnir Manaar

Hakiim began the day as he always did. He got off his cot, shook bits of straw from his clothing, shooed the birds off the statues in his yard and then hung up his blanket and beat it savagely to shake out dust, ticks and straw, just as he would do again before he placed it back on the large pile of straw that made up his mattress at the end of the day. He then grabbed his clean clothes that he washed the night before and still wearing his nightgown left his home to walk twenty minutes to the oasis where he would bathe in the cold morning water, wash his loincloth, wait for the sun to make the air hot and dry in the sun just outside of the oasis for only a moment, just long enough to let the sand singe his feet. Today however, Hakiim would follow his feet. He would leave his nightgown at the rock by the pool and walk into the desert, to cross the unending sea of sand and be drawn to the Sacred City, Hulnir Manaar.

Hakiim was neither brave nor stupid. He had lived his life outside the oasis, he had let the birds who like him, were not willing to leave, feed on the many foods he collected. He had lived alone, save for the birds and the strange statues which had been in what was his home for as long as the desert was made of sand. Always had he lived there. Ignorant of his ancestry, of his origins and the why of his existence in the desert. He was fortunate for his home, for the strange knowledge that would come to him, even of his solitude.

He had books in his home, written in many tongues and though he could not read all of them he admired the swirling, flowing writing and sometimes he might hear in his mind an echo of meaning to the words. Always they came back in dreams and always he would see a shining metropolis and always he knew it to be Hulnir Manaar.

The road in his dreams was long. Between him and this city he saw worlds and he saw their people. He saw the lives of these people, he saw their souls and he heard their voices. When he was a boy he heard the noise. When he was a young man he heard words. As he aged he heard more and more, learning to hear the individual voices, to hone in on them and listen, truly listen. Hakiim outgrew the noise as a boy outgrows his clothes and he wore the robe of The Listener. He could hear the voices of those ahead.

Hakiim did not need his books. He did not need food. He took only his clothes and water and the sandals on his feet. He went west, listening to the desert below him. He awaited the people he would meet.
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Originally Posted by Ryu-Nacho
Name: Sqaar
Sex: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 30
Country of Origin (assume one of the countries established in the introduction): dunno, lol
Appearance: Large, tanned, overweight man. Only wears pants and sandals. Big, bushy beard and mustache.
Personal History: A simple man, satisfied by the small things in life. He is happy just to have a family and friends with whom he can spend time with. Relied on as the strongest man in the village.
Skills: For the moment, just strong (easily lift a few hundred pounds).
"Thats the last of it! You boys can get it from here, right?"
"Sure thing, Sqaar! Thanks for helping us load up!"
The merchant caravan restarted it's usual routine towards the main city, going off to sell pottery, or spare food and lumber, or whatever it is the village may have had for sale. And, like always, Sqaar had helped them load their wagons, and saw them off with a smile and a wave. As the caravan faded into the distance, he turned, and began his walk back home. It wasn't far-only twenty or so minutes-but when your hungry, a single step is a great journey.
The bartering and bargaining that clustered the streets just minutes before had died down now that the merchants had left, making for a peaceful walk. It was a fairly small village, quiet and quaint, and everyone there knew each other. He greeted everyone he passed with a smile and a hearty shout, stopping to shake hands with or hug close friends here and there. This was the kind of thing that made any travel seem shorter, the kind of thing that brought joy to the large man.
"Papa, welcome home!" A young boy wearing only shorts ran up to Sqaar, and gave his leg a hug (the child didn't come up quite far enough to hug anything else). "Ah, Shorat," Sqaar shouted laughingly, "I didn't realize I had made it home already!" He squatted down and scooped Shorat in his arms, giving him a proper hug and a light squeeze, both grinning past their ears.
"Oh, dear...Welcome home." His wife, a relatively small and shockingly quiet woman, stood by their house, waving gently. She leaned lightly against the wall on her right. Her loose robe slid a bit down her left shoulder, but she ignored it, continuing to smile and wave sheepishly.
"Haha, thank you Ameria. It's good to be back."

(OOC: I'll be able to write better/longer sections once I figure out what the heck is actually supposed to be going on in this story. For now, just some 'lol, this is me' crap. Oh, and full permission to use my character as long as he stays close to his personality and what not.)

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Originally Posted by GUSSA's character
Name: Jamal
Sex: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 25
Country of Origin: whatever village were talking about... it seems quiet enough
Appearance: tall, medium build, dark brown skin, dreads, blue eyes and a scar down his cheek.
Personal History: Jamal is like a brother to Squaar. As kids they were inseparable and as adults they are still the closest of friends. Spent his childhood in the village but has been known for his connections to the big cities and frequents them often.
Skills: a resourceful creature. He doesn’t like to fight but uses short blades when forced to.
"One of these days Squaar you’re going to stress yourself out lifting all those pots and pieces for those merchants" shouted a voice
"Although that’s unlikely to happen for a very long time big man"
Squaar didn't even need to turn his head. He already knew who it was.
"Well I would last a bit longer if I had some help once in a while" he replied. "Where have you been for the last two months? Shorat's been asking where his uncle has disappeared to"

"Had a bit of business to sort out in the city. A friend needed a favour and i'm not one to say no to a friend in need"

"You’ve scarred your cheek! What happened there?!" Squaar said. Sound more like a mother than a brother.

"Calm down. It’s just a scratch. I fell of my horse on the way down and took a cut against a rock" Jamal replied begrudgingly.
An eerie wind blew for a moment... but only a moment. For soon the strange silence between the two was broken by Jamal.
"But anyway! Let’s not dwell on the past. Its almost noon and last time I was here, your wife made an excellent meal... id like to see if it wasn’t just beginners luck". He smiled. So did Squaar.

"You know you're always welcome at the table here!" Ameria shouted from the doorway. The rest of the family was retreating inside so Jamal and Squaar joined them.
In the distance a man was walking...
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Hakiim walked for two days though he did not tire. As he walked he heard the desert sing and soon he heard more voices, he heard a town. There were young playing, mothers singing, men shouting and even the voices of the old in Hakiim's ears. But loudest he heard two voices, one hardy, boisterous and the other young and firm. He heard Sqaar and Jamal and he heard the road so far ahead of them, the road he would ask them to travel.

Hakiim stopped before the border of the small town ahead and he listened to the voices within. He entered the town. He did not need to ask the way and only when he a boy walking alongside him asked him who he was did he stop. Only once had he spoken in his life and so shocked by the sound of his voice he was that he did not speak again. But now, he would speak and the boy waited patiently as Hakiim chose his words.

"I am," he clumsily began "Haa..." he closed his eyes, stumbling on his name. "I am Hakiim."

"Why are you here?" he profoundly asked.

"I have, busi-business, with Sqaar and Jamal" he said slowly. The boy nodded and before he could speak Hakiim again spoke "I, I know the way," the boy left and soon Hakiim was in sight of Sqaar's home; he could the family talking over a meal. He stood outside for a moment before entering their home.
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The man made quite an unusual sight standing in Squaars doorway. A man who looked as if he had just strolled though hell. His clothes were torn and ruined. His sandals were no longer recognisable. His face battered and red from the relentless winds whipping sand as a warning that he shouldn’t be walking in a desert. Yet his face possessed no trace of desperation or for that matter any expression at all. He stood in Squaars doorway as a man with a purpose. A man who followed a path he did not quite understand but knew that he couldn't question it.
The family was to taken aback by this image to speak. So instead the stranger answered the question they hadn't asked.
"My name is Hakiim"
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As Hakiim examined the family he heard a great whirring in his mind was heard and he felt a great exhaustion. He ran his left hand through his hair and with his right held the door frame for a second before letting it slide down with him as he sat down. His vision was blurred, his sense of hearing was almost nonexistent but in his throat he could feel a strange voice, his own.

"From across the sea of sand I have walked. I have come to bring Jamal and Sqaar and his family to Hulnir Manaar. The road is vast and we will walk very far, I will take you safely, you are very needed there, the gods are calling" he spoke, no hesitation in his voice, his words clear. "Fananse ushehr metar Fullnir Yeelsiir mesharal," he paused, breathing in loudly as if gasping for air and tilting his head back and continued "the Great Road is calling you."

Hakiim had walked many leagues, he had seen two days and two night and again the morning of a day; he had walked through a sandstorm; he had befriended snakes and scorpions; had drank the waters from deep beneath the sands. Scraped, exhausted, thirsty, he cried "water" and passed out, right in the doorway.
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A bell sounded in Sqaar's head. He had never met Hakiim. He had never heard of Hulnir Manaar. But he knew, somehow, that the stranger had spoke the truth. This thought only lasted a second though, and his attention diverted to the more urgent matter; the collapsed man on the floor.
"Ameria, dear, could you fetch some water for this man? I am going to lay him in a bed." As Sqaar rushed to aid Hakiim, he called out to his friend, "Jamal, when you leave, and head for you house, could you ask the elder what he knows of this...Hulnir Manaar?" Jamal didn't reply, but it didn't really matter either way to Sqaar. Hakiim was the primary concern.
He scooped the traveler up in his arms, went for the guest room, and lay him down on the bed there. Ameria walked in behind him with a pitcher of water, and a cup. Behind her, Shorat and Jamal looked in anxiously, curious of Hakiim's condition.
"Is he ok?" Shorat asked.
Sqaar looked down at the child with a smile, and replied, "Yes, i believe he'll be quite fine!"

(OOC: gussa, whether or not you do anything with the elder is up to you. I just wanted to bring your character into the story somehow, as it would be awkward to ignore a main character who happens to be in the same room.)
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In his mind Hakiim was back in his home in the oasis. His books had been rifled through and as he walked to his courtyard. The birds had been slain, the statues shattered and the small fountain was cracked and drained. He could not listen well to the land, only his eyes were reliable.

He looked from the ruined courtyard into the distance and though the trail he saw did not lead directly to the oasis it led west to the village. It stopped at the peak of a dune maybe half a league away. Atop the dune stood four hunched figures. Their figure not unlike a gazelle, though the legs were too long to be such a thing, their heads bent low, their skulls were made of thorns and spikes, their forward arms bent like bows. He knew what they were, he had seen them drawn in some of the books, they were called Milirell Leshute, Old Tongue for "the soulless ruthless beast" and in his books, always they were seen devouring the living.

He looked back to the books on the floor and those that were open, he could read them, clear as the signs that the Milirell Leshute were in his home, searching for him, that for whatever reason they wanted him.

His mind came back to Sqaar's home and he could hear again. He heard the scrawling of the demons upon the sands, he heard their incessant chattering, their growls. He sat up, looked with an immense fear in his eyes at Sqaar and Shorat and fell back, shivering. He heard their question and at least said "Milirell Leshute, they come, ask your elder. No more words do I have today."

(Waiting on Gussa)
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after the fiasco of the collapsed man, Jamal bid his farewell to the family to take care of Hakiim. it was getting late in the day and Shali would be wondering where he has been. but he did not forget his role in Hakiims prophecy. although he didnt think much of this strange mans hallucinations and gibberish, he still went to the elders. he could not explain why. almost as if some force had already told him how important it was long before today's events occured.

the elders chamber was dark as always and upon entering, the smell of incense and musk flooded his synuses. Flore-Gabul was the village elder and was held in as hig esteem as Squaar was.
"Jamal! what brings you here? i havent seen you around the village recently..." - Flore-Gabul spoke with a comanding yet plesant tone
"ive had some buisness to attend to in the city. i was away for a while but i got back this morning" Jamal though about continuing the polite conversation to procrastinate. he knew he would feel silly trying to explain the eventsof today. but there was no time and no point.
"I need to know anything you know about a place called Hulnir Manaar" - Jamal's voice comanded with a distinct note of anxiety. for some reason, this question engaged his person more than he thought it should.

"H-H-......Hulnir Manaar?!?!?!". Flora-Gabul recoiled back suddenly. his eyes were wide, skin pale, expression shocked. he looked as if he had seen a ghost...
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Hakiim could feel the kiss of the water on his lips, bring life back to his mouth and throat. Like dry clay in the rain the cracks of his throat seemed to fill in, he would live. He opened his eyes and extended his arms before him, appraising them. Satisfied, he sat up.

He could hear again though not as clearly as before. He drank more water from the pitcher at the bedside. He saw his torn sandals and raw, tired feet. He smelled the dirt beneath him, floating up. He could see it in the rays of light coming in from behind the curtain in the doorway. This must be Sqaar and Ameria's room he thought as he looked around. He hit his knees to be sure he could walk on them. He could. Hakiim stood, it felt natural after his walking in the desert, it was an involuntary process at this point.

With a deep breath, eyes shut tight he cast away his body, letting it stand rigidly like an anchor to the sea-floor of life. Sounds came in swarms like fireflies and soon the sounds became lights. The world was suddenly a sea of sound and candle light. Amid it all a few lights burned brightest but one crackled, smoldered and sighed. It was an old flame amid that sea, it was Flora-Gabul.

Hakiim followed that sound.
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"Jamal. Why do you need to know this?" Flora-Gabul asked.
"Earlier today, a stranger came into Squaars house and collapsed" Jamal recounted
"He said something about Hulnir Manaar... Squaar is taking care of the man now and I am sent to ask about this place... if it even exists" He finished with a note of Scepticism.
"My boy. I assure you. Hulnir Manaar is a VERY real place with VERY real danger." Flora-Gabul had taken on a new tone of voice.. He was no longer the Zen that he was a moment earlier
"It is an ancient ruin.... a tombstone to remind mankind of a tragedy long ago. Why anyone would want to go there is Unknown to me"
Jamal's earlier scepticism had died after hearing this. He was not one to doubt the words of his elders "What Happened"

((Fox I’m just going ahead and AD LIBBING some meaning for Hulnir Manaar.. if you want, tell me and ill change it))

"Long ago, Hulnir Manaar was a utopia. A Well defended castle and kingdom that possessed all of the greatest riches on the earth. Not just gold but knowledge. Libraries of libraries were underground in complex catacomb systems.. It has been said that every book ever known to man was kept there along with some that man didn’t know of....
But the collective value of the city and its contents became too appealing. So appealing, it is said that the devil himself yearned to rule the city. One day, he did. The cries of the cities inhabitants could be heard from merchant ships off the coast in the ocean ((geographically far away k??)). The entire castle was burned to the ground in the space of a single day. The fire was to transport the physical city to hell where Satan now rules.
Today, the physical ruins of Hulnir Manaar still exist. But they’re just a horrific city of burned down houses and disfigured skeletons...
Why anyone would want to go there is beyond me"

Suddenly, there was a noise.. It was the strange man from earlier today. He entered the room and sat quietly staring at Flora-Gabul deliberately.
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Hulnir Manaar...Milirell Leshute...It all rang a bell in Sqaar's mind, and he knew that, thanks to the traveler, his life would never be the same. But, Hakiim had also mentioned his family, and Jamal, who was practically a brother. All of them would be in harm's way on this trip...but could they defend themselves like Sqaar could? It worried him for only a moment when he noticed Hakiim was walking out the door, seemingly half-asleep. Ameria trailed him into the room, her face showing a mix of concern and confusion at the stranger's behavior.
"Ameria, could you look after the house for a bit? I'm going to follow Hakiim, and make sure no misfortune befalls him in his daze-like state."
"But, where is he going?"
Hakiim stopped for a second to reply, "Flora-Gabul."
"The elder?"
"Yes. We have much to speak of, and little time to speak."
Hakiim and Sqaar left for the elder's house after that, silent for the trip. However, inside, Sqaar was troubled. The Milirell Leshute. Hakiim had seemed terrified by them. Beasts? Demons? They had to be coming here, or else Hakiim would not worry so. But then again, Hakiim had walked all this way alone, and was willing to walk to the elder the same, so the danger couldn't be too immense. Sqaar dismissed the thought, concluding that things would be fine.
He suddenly noticed he was alone. Somewhere, he and Hakiim must have taken different paths. Looking around to gather his surroundings and figure out where he needed to go, Sqaar quickly realized he was no longer in his village. At least, not how he remembered it. Homes were destroyed, corpses lay in the streets. Down the road, various distended figures ran about, doing God knows what. Some resembled humans with long arms and short legs, faces like hounds. Some were as nearly as round as balls, with various extra appendages and faces attached to their fleshy bodies, each part acting independently. There were too many to count, and Sqaar cared not to try and identify them all, lest his memory become dark and tainted.
He shook his head, and snapped back to true reality. He stood in the same place, but everything was right, everything as it should be. Hakiim was still out of sight, but at least Sqaar knew where he needed to go, and what needed to be said.
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"Do not dwell, Sqaar. They will follow us but we must not stay here. If you unsure of the road behind you, do not turn your back to watch it fall beneath your feet, move forward." He stood still for a moment, doing as he always did and soon he moved forward, turning behind a house on the left and into the house right after it. He took a seat next to the old man.

"How long?"

"Their sound is half a day from here," he let the smell of Flora-Gabul's home enter his nose as he took a deep breath, he appraised the air then spoke, "we will need horses and water." Hakiim put his right hand on his own shoulder.

"It is a necrohol now, what do you want there? There is only death and ruin," the old man stood up and walked to a small teapot behind him, grabbing three teacups in the other hand. "Drink, it is Mafra, you will be able to see your city."

He drank the brew, it was only his cup that has the juice pod, filled with the sweet hallucinogen and he crushed it between his teeth. He raised his eyebrow at the man and turned his eyes to Jamal. "Take the horses, put the water evenly on them, saddle them and go to the east border of your town, keep them calm," he still had one hand on his shoulder and he pushed down, a loud crack was heard and Hakiim smiled. "Sqaar, please gather your family, tell them to bring a fresh set of clothes and meet Jamal at the edge of town."

"You are trying to fool them aren't you Hakiim?"

"These ones are old, they will not take extra steps. One is oldest, his horns tipped in white ash." He got up. "I seek the book of souls, Amoens."

The old man turned pale and Hakiim left, Jamal and Sqaar puzzled by their elder's expression.

(Leave the whole Amoens thing to me. I have most of it figured out. ^_^)

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Amoens Hakiim thought, then I can know. He walked on, reflecting on it, only in Amoens might he learn his past and he might control his death, his future and even the outcome of the world. The book of souls, the history of the universe, no, of existence itself. In his dreams it appeared each night, shining yet dull and its pages open, words written in light and if one examined a single character, volumes of information were shown as if falling through fields of words made of golden light. He would flip through the pages, they went on forever.

I will put my name in that book, my descendants names and their deeds shall be great, he declared to himself that is what why the city calls.
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"Sqaar, please gather your family, tell them to bring a fresh set of clothes and meet Jamal at the edge of town."
The words cycled in Sqaar's mind over and over. Why his family? Sqaar could understand a traveler wanting him or Jamal to come along, but what was it his family could offer? They were but a meek woman, and a small child! He shook his head wearily, and cast the thought aside. He didn't know why, but Hakim did. Hakim knew more than Sqaar could fathom, but this thought also puzzled him. How could he know how much he knows? And that Amoens book? That was another mystery...
A quiet thud pulled him from his pondering as he walked into a wall. He laughed nervously, and sighed. After taking a brief look around, he continued towards his house; he had traveled most of the distance without realizing it. Ameria stood outside, staring in Sqaar's direction, standing a little straighter than usual. It seemed that she sensed or realized something as well.
"Ameria...where is Shorat?"
"I put him to bed. He needs to rest before he becomes to excited to sleep."
"Hakiim. He said we should pack a fresh set of clothes, and meet Jamal at the edge of town."
Ameria glanced down for a second gathering her thoughts. "Why so soon?"
"I don't know, Ameria. In their conversation, the elder asked Hakiim, 'How long', to which he repied, 'Their sound is half a day from here'. I'm sure whatever 'they' are is why we're being hurried."
"But, I...very well. I will wake Shorat and tell him we're going on a trip, but that we must go now or we'll miss it. Sqaar, dear, could you get the bags?"
"Of course."
They gathered their things as they'd been told, Shorat the only one in seeming amusement, and headed off to meet with Jamal.
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((just so you know i was thinking that jamal would have a wife too but ive decided against it... he's not that kind of guy. instead this is his sister who he cares about and is saying goodbye too))

"Shali i have to go tonight"
"why? you just got back in town. why are you leaving so soon"
"somethings come up.. a stranger appeared in Squaars door today.. i can't say why but i feel compelled to follow him. Squaar is joining me"
"i know that theres nothing i can do to stop you. this is the kind of thing you always said you were looking for. all i can tell you is to be safe"

the conversation kept running through his head. it was getting much later in the day and as Jamal stood on the hill on the outskirts of town looking over the entire village, he felt a kind of peace in everything being far away and silent.

"it's nice isnt it" he heard Hakiim's voice
"it's like when Squaar and i were kids. we used to climb the trees and sit there watching the world pass by."

a cluster of silouettes were coming closer. it was Squaar and his family.
Jamal prepared the horses and spoke to Hakiim.
"where will we go?"
"south... we must hurry.. they are not far behind us"
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Hakiim began to explain as they were walking: "'They' are called Milirell Leshute and should they enter this town, they will erase every life in it," Sqaar stopped dead in his tracks, holding Ameria and Shorat with him, "do not worry, they cannot harm you or your family, not so long as I am guiding you."

He stopped and looked back at Shorat and Ameria, then to Sqaar and Jamal. He then gazed into the east and with his eyes traced a path to the south; closing his eyes he turned towards the party, "You will go south from here, follow that dune, travel in its shadow when at all possible. In two days time you will see the outskirts of a city. Go there, go the the city's far gate and rest. Do not rest on the way, do not wait for me. I will be there a day after you arrive. Now go from here, do not dawdle."

He raised a hand to stop their questions, "There is not time. Go, now." He turned east and again he walked into the desert. He would see the Leshute, he would somehow stop them.

He walked until he reached the crest of a dune and there he sat down, listening. He could hear them, screeching, chattering amongst themselves. He could hear the oldest one's sounds over the others, he had a voice and it made Hakiim shudder. A voice in such a beast, he thought and before he could ponder it anymore the voice was in his mind.

Hello, boy it screeched to him.

You do not belong in this world.

Who are you to say? I have been since the first child was born and you are not the first Listener I have met.

I am the last though, no more should your kind breathe here, the beast shrieked making Hakiim wince at the pain and he could feel the thing's soul pulsing in the sand come to me so I may see your ashen horns and wretched shape.

Again it shrieked, louder and the other three joined. The sand was uneasy, the winds confused. Burn! the great beast said Burn so I may see your ashen bones and I will crush them.

Hakiim did not answer, he was listening elsewhere, into the north.
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From the north came a great wind. It did not come with haste or force. It came with presence, with weight. Hakiim called out to it, asking it of it's name and at last it answered him. I am the Undying Gale, the Voice of these sands, she replied with indifference, and you Listener? So bold, speaking to the world.

He opened his eyes, gazing to north as it lay in his periphery. He did not stand but only shifted to face it and so he bowed before the Undying Gale and again called, Grant me a strength so I may face my enemy. So I may guide the fate of this world, give me the strength. So I may don the robe of The Bine and shape the growth of this world, give me strength. The sand bit into his forehead, Please.

The Listener may not act.

I will be Bine and Listener.

And in return for my favor?

We live on in the next Age, he said.

Do I have your word, Listener?

It is so.

The sands began to swirl to his right and to his left, forming a vortexes, sifting stones and thick sand, casting things farther out by weight. In an instant two rings of stone and pebbles welled up to the surface. With the one to his left came silver water, Drink, the Gale sang and Hakiim took its cool water into his cupped hands, bringing them to his lips. He felt a sudden fire in his soul, he felt his soul explode and had he looked into the pool he would have seen his long hair standing straight up, his eyes and mouth emitting effulgent bluish flame. The wineblood of this desert is my gift to you, take from it my strength.

From the pit behind him a great halberd, butt of flared mast inlaid with a unbroken spiral of tiger eye running down, point of iron, blade of bluish steel. They are the last of their kind, Hakiim. Subdue, do not kill.

He was calm as he got up and took up the great halberd in his hands, pointed the blade westward towards the Leshute and turned its tip into the sand, To them he thought to the blade. The winds stirred the sand beneath him and soon Hakiim was one with the winds, he was gone, a westward zephyr. He flew west, at first a breeze. From breeze was born a dust devil. From the dust devil was born a vortex of sand. From the vortex of sand was at last born a sandstorm and that storm bore down upon the Milirell Leshute with fury and abandon.

Shrieking unto sky their cries are muted by the storm and when he sees from the countless grains of sand that are his eyes he whirls down upon them again with fury and without restraint.

He rose to the sky, I will grind your hearts down. I will make them beat as I desire, and drove down on them again.

We will endure, the eldest Leshute shrieked, you are Listener, your actions shall cease soon under the eyes of the gods. Your fury is naught as to theirs.

Hakiim settled into his corporeal form, halberd in hand and said aloud "I wear two robes," he spread his legs, dug the tip of his tool into the sand. You have a name, beast.]

As do you, boy, it shrieked into his mind, chattering with his small, jagged maw and it came up to him, its head standing easily above even Sqaar's height. It breathed down on him, breath putrid, reeking of wasted, rotting meat.

Unwavering he looked up to it, examined its dark, spiny surface, seemingly painted in dried blood. Its 'lips', the edges of its mouth, were white, the color of frothy, dry spit. Tracing the lines of its small mouth Hakiim saw minute, oozing cracks, widest near the jaw. Moving away from the mouth, spikes formed, increasing in size moving towards the face. Its eyeless, spiked, dried blood colored face bent down towards Hakiim. Hakiim smiled, I, am Hakiim Mosharal.

It withdrew its face, clicking its inner teeth, stretching out its lower jaw, baring its rows of teeth, shrinking as they drew inward. There was no tongue, just teeth, rows of teeth like the points of knives. Reshaeer the Eld.

The other three fanned out behind him, ready to leap unto him. They tensed, the cords of their forelegs sang in the wind, twanged as their legs tensed and before they could move Hakiim leapt on top of Reshaeer, pushing the tip of the halberd into its back. You will leave.

How do you survive to act, boy?!

"I wear two robes, one to hear the voices of the world and one to shape its history," he whispered, bending his head down to its neck, controlling it with the halberd, "and I say you may live." He inhaled the thing's putridity, appraising, weighing it in his nostrils, "So long as you and your brood keep your distance."

I could kill you, Hakiim.

"And I you, Reshaeer though I have been told to hold some affection for your kind. I dare not end the lives of the last four on this world," he turned the tip ever so slightly, making the beast give a deep, guttural growl, "moreover the last four of this age."

We will die soon enough yet you let us live? End our ancient lives now!

"You have seen the beginning and you shall behold the end."

With boiling hatred the thing dared a step forward towards its kin, turning its massive, thorned head east and then bowed to the ground.

"You understand," he removed the blade calmly, "you will see my death as well."

It shall be the last of this age, the Age of the Listener.

He sat down on the back of the massive beast, ushering it eastward, brood behind.

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((??? im going to assume you did that while we were all asleep...))

Jamal woke early. he always did. he had only slept for a moment but when he woke, Hakiim was gone. it was as if he had dissapeared into the night without leaving even a footprint in the desert. Jamal didnt know what to think. this man had led him and Squaar's family out into the desert and left them for dead?
was this a trick?

for some reason, he felt more compelled to find Hakiim than to return to he village or even to wake Squaar who was still fast asleep..

then he saw him.. Hakiim semed to materialise out of a cloud of dust.
Jamal freaked..
-"calm down Jamal. i promise to you that all will be explained very very soon" Hakiim stoped Jamal as quickly as it had started..
Jamal spoke again. quietly this time.
"how is it that you can do these things that i hove only ever heard of in legends and fables?"
"because this is legend in the making. you cannot fathom the importance of your job to me now and in the future."
Jamal (being the sneaky tradesman he was) saw an opporunity and decided to take it
"prove to me my importance..."
there was a pause before Hakiim spoke...
"very well"

((i can has some form of super awesome weapon and/or power plox???))
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((Sorry, I just sort of rolled along since no one was posting. I think I got some things like directions screwy, but other than that it should be all set.))

Hakiim smiled, closing his eyes, "Draw your knives," he gave Jamal time and when he had the knives he resumed "make them sing, bind them to your will."

Jamal looked at Hakiim with doubt but he tried nonetheless. If this man could do as he did then his words must hold some truth. The knives shook, suddenly unsteady in Jamal's hands, they began to glow with dim light, humming in high tones. "Ironsong," Hakiim whispered.

"I will be back, I have guests to tend to at the moment," and he turned back into the wind, blew over the dune and beyond it and settled on its far side.

Who are they? Reshaeer hissed to him, hearing the heartbeats from over the hill. The other Leshute were pacing, heads slightly elevated, appraising the air with both hunger and lust.

They will travel the Great Road, they will see Hulnir Manaar, he thought to them, ensuring that Jamal would not hear him. You will follow behind us, low to the dunes and out of sight for the next day. I will call for you in time. He left the beasts, returning to Jamal on foot. He sat for a time, listening to the winds.

Opening his eyes, he formed the halberd on his lap, not noticing Jamal's reaction, and cut his thumb and let his blood fall to the sand. His hand became as wind and then again flesh though without the cut. The reddened sand sat beneath his hands, no purpose to it yet, though slowly it turned the sand to stone and Hakiim sighed.

"Morning is coming, we need to go."
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((i think you may be getting my character connfused with "rayne" in the spirit world... but whatever.. iw as gonna give jamal blades anyway))
as the group set out once more on their trek, jamal sought another opportunity to ask hakiim about the happenings of last night...
he faound it. a breif moment where squaar's family pulled back a short distance but long enough to be just out of earshot.
keeping as cool a head sas he possibly could, he began his barrage of questions.
"who are you?"
-"i am Hakiim"
"was a dreaming last night"
-"were all in a state of dreaing always.."
"you'r answers arent helping"
-"the answers you seek will be equally as confusing"
there was a long pause in which jamal became mildlt irritated but mostly frustrated
then he spoke again
"What about Squaar? does he know?"
-"deep down inside, a part of him knows. it is the same in every human on this planet"
"i assume you are going to tell him.. otherwise i will"
-"he will find out when the time is right.."
"when will that be?"
-"when he finds out"

Jamal was now downright confused... so confused in fact that he stopped his horse and was staring blankly into the distance... it was only as Squaar and his family caught up and Squaar said almost festively
that Jamal snapped out of it..

the carava of horses continued....
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"It's hot," Shorat protested, "why do we have to go in the day, Hakiim?"

"Quiet, Shorat" Ameria chided.

"It's fine Ameria. On my way to you, I walked through this desert without stopping. In the night a great serpent who lives below the ridges of dunes comes out." He pulled alongside Ameria and Shorat and began to imitate the serpent, "He slides along the ridges smoothly and when he sees a rabbit hole or a fox den he goes in and takes his pick and opens his mouth wide," and Hakiim opened the mouth of his snake "and takes out his fangs" with his hands he imitates the fangs "and locks in its prey. He then slithers away silently as if nothing ever happened."

"Oh," he grew quiet then asked "is it true?"

"Yes, but he will not harm us if stay low to the dunes, Shorat."

"I have heard this story, his name is Shalir, the virtuous snake."

"The story is true," Hakiim warned and moved forward. He sighed, listening ahead to the city three leagues ahead of the party. It was alive, very, very alive. Bartering merchants, haggling shoppers, butchers, bread makers, men brewing tea, bubbling of hookahs. The city was very alive but only one voice was important, that of a young woman.
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