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MeTal CaNdYcaNe
Foxy gal meow meow
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Default Stop!

It's update time.

And actually, coincidentally they are all stop motion videos :D

This was a class wide art project done by a friend's class. Everyone drew a few frames. Zombies and lightsabers? Oh, yes.

zombies vs. the lightsabered hero [ 3.6 mb ]

Neat idea for a background!

her morning elegance [ 8.1 mb ]

This guy is so creative with what he uses. (Sorry board members, I know you've seen this in one of my posts already.)

western spaghetti [ 3.9 mb ]

A tragic tale, fraught with betrayal, darkness and secrets.

le petit table noir [ 9.3 mb ]

Sorry it's been ages everyone. Hope you've all been too happily busy to notice.

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Very very yes. I knew you'd come through for me.

"zombies vs. the lightsabered hero" reminds me a bit of the music video for Take On Me. Very sexy.

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//wall blocks control
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Aaah see I hate these videos because they make me feel like a hollow shell of a human. I mean, why can't I think of anything like this! Also, I love these videos.
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