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Default God of War 3

I picked up God of War 3 Friday night and I must say I was surprised by the visual quality. Sony Santa Monica uses a new anti-aliasing technique known as morphological anti-aliasing that blows away every other anti-aliasing technique used on consoles.

Essentially the SPEs on the IBM Cell processor are able to perform what is similar to edge detection to add a level of anti-aliasing that can surpass 16xAA by a wide margin depending on the situation, while avoiding the downfalls of normal edge detection implementations. Even in worst case scenarios, it still provides a quality equal or better than 4xAA, while providing massive performance benefits.

Overall the graphics of the game are fantastic especially considering the scale. I would even say it surpasses Uncharted 2 as the best looking console game.

As far as the actual game goes, I enjoyed my first play through more than I expected to, as I am not a huge fan of hack and slash games.
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I didn't really like the previous entries in the series, so I doubt I'll be picking this up. I do agree with you on the visuals though - I don't know much about all the technical stuff that you apparently do, but the game does look pretty nice.
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