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Smile games

does anybody know a walkthrough for the CLICK PUZZLE ???? i been hangin on the 3rd level for quite some time and i think im going nuts
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Shouldn't this be in the general game discussion? *wide eyed* Oh.... uh, hmmm. You're new. Why did you choose to use this as your first post? Oh, by the way, i'm Nickychris3.
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Originally Posted by ilikepandas
Level 1:

Ok, this ones easy. Click on the aeroplane sign to make a plane crash into the tree. The man beside it will become angry and cut down the tree. Once the tree has fallen on him, click on the wood beside the boulder. The tree will fall, making a bridge. Mahoggany will now cross it.

Level 2:

First, click on the brown water snake thing. It will eat the frog. Now click on the arial on the tower. The snake will become bigger. Click on the snake and then immediately click on the hippo. The hippo will duck, missing the snakes fireball. The fireball will bounce back, knocking parts of the snake out of the water. Click on the red switch. Now Mahoggany can jump across. Click on mahoggany until he has passed the level.

Level 3: (Thanks Led_Zeppelin)

Ok, keep clicking the bird. The guy at the catapult will kill the bird That bird was awesome. Click the catapult. Then click the cloud. The guy should fall, and the flag wll change. Click the guy with the stick, he'll blow a whistle. Everyones gone except the catapult guy, but don't worry about him. Click Little mahogany and he'll go to the doors. click em again and you beat the level!

Level 4: (Also thanks Led_Zeppelin)

Throw two rocks at the picture. A button will appear. click it once. The bucket should move over the blue door. Click the blue door. the second you click the door, click the lever with the red knob right beside the guards. A bucket will fall on the guys head. click the platform with the horn, then honk it. The camera will be destroyed. Then click the guards so they move to the right. throw a rock down at the ground. Click the guards, and as soon as they trip click mahogany. he'll run past them, step on the horn causing the hick to shoot the gun, and hit him self. as soon as he is shot, click mahogany and he will go to the bottom. Click him again, and you beat it!

Level 5:

First you click on the balloon pump- twice so it is now floating in the air. Then click on the fan plug to turn on the fan and then click on the fan to start it blowing. NEXT click on the stalactite to make the drop of water drip off it. The drop will get carried by the wind, fly right due to the arrow thing's direction and hit the flower, transforming it into a giant plant. Click on the arrow thing until it faces up. Click on the plant to fire a glob of oil, the arrow will force it upwards so it hits the stalactite. Click on the arrow now so it faces down.Now click on the balloon, it will sink, and flow along the wind made by the fan. quickly click on the now black stalactite so the oil drips onto the fire, making the flames larger for a few seconds. The baloon will hit the large flames and turn into a fireball, hit the down arrow and kill the flea. You may now pass the flea thing and continue through the level. Click on the green/red switches so the triangle is red (Flat), and the lump is green (Up). Click on mahoggany and he will run across, dodge a snake and stop at the lump. A lazer force field will appear. Click on the gun to destroy the force field. Make the lump flat. HARD BIT: CLick on mahoggany to make him start running again, and activate the spring JUST before he runs into the spring. Now he will jump of Gregory and Greg lunges towards him and land on him. CLick on mahoggany again to knock out Gregory, winning the game!
Tada. enjoy.
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