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I think I probably did.
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Guy Gets the Beating of His Life for Dating the Wrong Girl

I'm one for the "til death do us part" thing, but damn, for someone I'm barely dating? And I know when I have my daughter I will be strict with who she sees, but damned near killing the guy? After they kidnapped me I would've been like "Okay, I get your point. Screw seeing her, I'm on the next flight out of the state."

This was like, from the end of '07, but still... Missing Detroit Girl, 13, Found Living With 34-Year-Old 'Boyfriend'

And I thought R.Kelly was bad...

A follow up to an earlier post:
'Obama Is My Slave' T-Shirt Peddler Attacked in Boutique

I don't condone what they did, but damn if he didn't have that coming. And at least the world will be a better place if he can't have children as a result...

And most of you are probably already aware of this, but Burger King Employee Takes a Bath in Kitchen Sink

Okay, but how did some one called, “Mr.Unstable,” even get a job serving food? Major slip up in the HR department. With fast food spots this shaky, it pays to know how to cook.

Interview with the psycho below.


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Venture Capitalist


Guinness Does A Gang Bang Commercial

Umm... what?
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Everyone is leaving gprime.

Scource: http://www.gprime.net/board
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We know Nicky, we know.
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I didn't until yesterday.
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//wall blocks control
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