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Default Can we hack Online Games From WPE PRO? And how to use it?

Can we hack Online Games From WPE PRO?
And how to use it?
Tell me
I was playing on http://www.games.com/ my score was 1609 and someone made me 0 when i won the game
I was Playing Battleship there
My name is HostEmin there
Please explain me how to do hacking with WPE PRO and how to use it.
if i cant understand then please give a screenshot.

Im the newest here so please help me.
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I dunno what WPE PRO is but there is underground cracked servers you can visit i dunno where they are exactly but i just thought i would let you know they exsist so happy hunting. Don't make more than one thread for the same topic if somebody doesn't answer you that is because they don't like you and your asking too many questions for a new guy which means they won't answer you in the future when you really have a problem.

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ok, but can i get a program that hacks online games?
on http://www.games.com
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