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Default lol EVE Online

I was browing 4chan's /v/ and came across a thread about some recent events in EVE Online. Apparently, some of the largest corporations (guilds/clans) are warring with each other. The game itself is boring, but sitting back and watching this stuff unfold is pure gold. Now, the post:

Originally Posted by 4chan /v/

This picture represents the dreams of thousands of EVE players getting shattered in a single evening. .

Explanation: Last week, the most powerful alliance in Eve Online got backstabbed by a former director, which left their territories open to invasion. Over a thousand invaders poured into Delve (BoB's homeland).

Today, BoB and their allies formed a massive fleet in a last ditch attempt to save Delve.

They got slaughtered by the Goons and left behind a +1000 km trail of ship wrecks.
Originally Posted by 4chan /v/
Breaking news: BoB just lost a Titan a few minutes ago. It's that big yellow penis-looking ship in this picture.

Each titan requires 8 weeks in real time to construct.
This stuff would make for a great book or something, god damn.
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//wall blocks control
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I think this actually happened a while ago, though maybe it happened again. THere's a massive battle like that every 6 months or so. I don't play anymore but I recall BoB losing a huge fight and all the corp leaders quit and went to another game. They were pissed because they brought out trillions of credits worth of capital ships and got spanked by a massive zerg of throw-away frigates. There is a ton of literature based in Eve on their site put out by CCP, and some player stories as well, but like you I've always thought it would be cool for someone to put them all together in a book.

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lol griefing
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