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hey hey

Default Metal gear acid-wtf?

so i have the psp, but i dont know if i want to buy metal gear acid because i dont know if it is boring or what.
so i had some questions about the game.
1. What is a "turn based" game?
2. Does a turn based game let you run around and move freely through the game?
3. can you: take aim( and shoot), hit someone at the touch of a button( like the B button on halo), or freely move like an RPG?
4. please tell me this isnt like yu-ghi-oh (i dont play, so i dont spell)

i am asking because all the sites i have gone on have just given a summary like: a turn based game........strategy.........storyline........weap ons.....etc.

thanx guys.
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Turn based games work like so:Most turn based games use a random encounter battle system although some don't. They give a "turn of attack" to each character and enemy in wich that character has a chance to do whatever they like usually without interference from another character. In a turn based game level advancement (level ups) is usually used. You may move freely until you enter a battle but I have no idea what type of turn based battle system is usedfor this game.
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bagel head
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All i know is this is not like yugioh.
And here are some screen shots of teh game. And click here for a review by real metal acid players.
Hope i could help.
Everyone let this be of help that if u have any video game problems PM me ok ok.
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