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Default Post your Ragnarok Online servers here

Edit by rahx: Okay, so I guess people want to advertise their RO servers here. I don't think many people here are into Ragnarok Online, but if you are then cool. Just so we don't have 134958793242 threads in the future of RO servers, post them here. Thanks

Here's a private RO server I think the members of this board might enjoy: It's fun and all, needs a few more members, but the GMs have spent countless hours taking suggestions and working to improve the place. If you can't play, you should at least vote for us, because I'd really appreciate your support:

Uh...I'm not sure of FCO's policy regarding RO servers, but I'll post this anyways. I need you guys' help, because a server I'm in charge of is down on its luck. The members on it have gradually slipped away, and it's a great server that the owner has spent countless hours perfecting to make it fun for everyone who plays. I'm a game-master there, meaning I'm in charge, and I could find ways to reward people who help me out. To help me out is simple, all you have to do is either play the server (for absolutely free) or vote for us as often as you can (there is a one-per-hour voting limit)

To Play:

To Vote:

If you need to contact me, you can get in touch with me via PM, where I will personally guide you through installation and other technical troubles you might have installing the game.

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Default Azura Online (ro server)

Hello, this is a nice ragnarok server which has opened in january, and we are looking for nice player to have fun, this is
an english-speaking server

- Rates are 4x / 4x / 4x
- All the classes, including advanced classes
- exclusive NPC (ex: bank with income, kafra warp, gemstone trader)
- News maps (airport, quizz map)
- Bandwidth : 800 kbp/s of upload
- the system of marriage works marvelously!
- new quests
- Event every month
- Often present, kind and comprehensive GM!
- Guild Wars: on Sunday from 4 pm till 6 pm
- online Server 24 / 24h 7 / 7j
- And even more!

Do not forget to be nice and pleasant so that a good atmosphere can reign over the server and over the forum.

In the pleasure to see you on the server, Good day in all!

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Default Lunarya Ragnarok Online

Lunarya Ragnarok Online

Temporary Medium Rates 25/25/12 Max level 99/50 (1st Job, 2nd Job, Alternate Job only) 99/70 (2nd Advance and Super Novice only) rates will change when max level is changes to 255/70 for every job

Main Town Prontera
All NPC needed are there in prontera
Cool GM's
Cool Events w/cool prizes
In a 100% lag, ours is just 15% lag
New Head Gears
Join now you wont regret it!!

Please vote us on Ragnarok Top 200, Xtreme Top 100 and RO Top Site

Website is lunarya-ro.cjb.net
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bagel head
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wat iz diz in da first place?
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Ninja Pimp Slap!


Some MMORPG that I'm kind of playing right now yet I'm getting bored of it. -_-
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Default AndzRO is Back Important Read


Website: http://andzro.deltaanime.net/

Get the patch to connect! Its at the forums and mirc
Forums located at: http://www.andzro.deltaanime.net/forum/
mIRC: #andzro @irc.deltaanime.net


Brand new server looking for players! There's plenty of room to grow. Dedicated GMs, Fully updated with kRO and Sakray, the newest towns ( Einbroch, Lighthalzen etc.) EVERY existing kRO card works, and the new first classes are soon to come ( Ninja , Gunner etc.) Come and Join to experience RO in a way no other server has been able to provide. Note: You must have a fully patched kRO and Sakray to play and enjoy all of kROs updates we provide.

Sever Information
New maps, monsters, and items.
Register - _M/_F
Rates - Base: 5x Job: 5x Drop: 5x
AMD Barton 3000+
1 GB of DDR Ram
10Mb line
Aegis SVN
Uptime - 24/7 ( Unless maintenance )


Advanced/Transcendent/Rebirth classes
Super Novice
Wedding System & Skills
Adoption System
Monster HP (You can now see monster's health)
PVP (Player VS Player)
GvG (Guild VS Guild)
kRO Cards ( ALL kRO cards in existence *working* )
New kRO Hair Styles
New kRO Hats
New Guild Skills
qPets (Pet System)
Stylist NPC
New towns: Einbech, Einbroch, Lighthalzen and Jeperos
NO job changer. You must do all quests
NO warper. You must use kafra's teleport service or the new kRO Airplane
NO resetter. There will be reset events and/or quests ( very difficult )
Monster can level by killing a player
You can gain zeny from killing a monster
Weather System (Coming Soon)


War of Emperium

Siege time:
EST: Wed 9~11pm / Sat 7~9pm
PST: Wed 6~8pm / Sat 4~6pm


GM commands for players
@mi ( monster info. )
@ii ( item info. )


Andz - Owner / Scripter
Vicious Pucca Scripter
Sirus Player Relations

Forums located at: http://www.andzro.deltaanime.net/forum/
mIRC: #andzro @irc.deltaanime.net
Please register, post and vote!
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Default Post your Ragnarok Online servers here

Welcome to NextDoorRO!!
Rates 8K/8K/100% drop
Starting Zeny 500K!
Gold sells for 2.5mill
Max stat 5K, Max level 255/70
Lastly, this is a full PVP SERVER! SO TRUST NO ONE!
Stat seller is in town! 500z per stat! 500x per skill!
We have every single weap/armor/rare npc dealer and much more fun npcs! So have fun!!

24/7 uptime!!
All items 4 sloted!
Max refine 100!

GM Commands:




Any questions you have regarding the server or anything else contact me via email at Yuksaro@hotmail.com

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By PVP server do you mean you manually set every map to PVP in eA, or did you simply use PK mode, where its not actually pvp until a certain level?

If you want any help with your server (though it sounds like you got it pretty much under control) just aim me. I've set up countless servers using eAthena and DarkWeiss
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DreamRO v2 is a high rate server.

Server Name: DreamRO

How to register:
Go to here to register and download the patch at here and place it in your kRO 0329/0689 folder then run pandaro.exe so it can self-patch itself.


Hardware Specs:

- Dual Opteron 244
- 2GB DDR Ram
- 80GB HDD
- 2000GB Transfer
- 100Mbit Dedicated Port
- OS: Linux Debian 64
- Uptime: 24/7
- eAthena SVN - Tweaked & Latest Version.


- Drop Rate: 10k/10k/10k
- Max Stats: 300
- Max Character Slots: 9
- Max Base Level: 255
- Max Job Level: 120

- Advanced Classes
- Custom Backwings
- Custom Pets
- Warp NPC
- Healer NPC
- Card Remover NPC
- Weapon/Armor NPC
- 32 Event Headgear NPC
- MvP Arena NPC
- Job Changer
- Stylist NPC
- Wedding NPC
- Wedding Skills
- Bank NPC
- Kafra Express


Extra Notes:
- Dead Branchs are blocked in Towns.
- Skills are blocked in towns. (Except: identify, vending, warp, call spirits, snap, call partner, tension relax, meditation, cloakin, hyper spirit spheres, charge cart e cartboost)
- Events are original.
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Endless Soul
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Default WingRO!

Name: WingRO
Rates: 10k/10k
Main town: Prontera.
War of Emperium: Mondays, wednesdays & saturdays from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. EST.
Uptime: 24/7 unless updates or disconnects happens.
Emulator: SVN 2037 TXT
Max level: 999/120
Max stats: 600, With stats seller, 10,000 each stat points.
Registration: Register with _M/_F EX: TEST_M for male account, TEST_F for female account.

Zeny knife & Golden mace gives 100,000z per kill, Mjolnir gives 200,000z per kill.
Novices Breast Plate give 200,000 HP when wore.

Features more than 100+ customed pets !!
Features customed cards such has

- Fabre card gives 10,000 HP
- Female Thief Bug card gives 50 AGI and 30 FLEE
- Rocker card gives 100 DEX
- Phreeoni card gives 300 HIT
- Whisper card gives 40 FLEE

The rest will be figured out by YOU! ;D


Proccessor: Intel Pentium 4/w HT Technology 3.0 GHz
RAM: PC3200 1024 MB
Connection: 10MBIT


Thunder Dragon [ Admin, Hoster ]
Toshi [ Forum admin]
Garu [Event GM]
Akira-chan [GM ]
Ryel [GM]




Kafra Express has
- Bank services
- Guild storage
- Broadcast
- Refine services
- Uncard services
- Stylist services
- Stat/Skill services
- Stat/Skill Market
- Rental services

Monster arena
Mr Shrink
Pet maker [ More than 100 pets, from regular pets to special pets ]
MvP Warper
MvP Ladder Warper
Gold Warper
Knuckles Dealer
Instrument Dealer
Whip Dealer
Feet|Garment Dealer
Accessories Dealer
2-2 Shop
Equipements Shop [ Armor, Shields, Footgears & garments ]
Bow Dealer
Arrows Dealer
Axes Dealer
Headgear 1 Dealer
Headgear 2 Dealer
New Headgear Dealer
Special Card Dealer
Book Dealer
Dagger Dealer
Katar Dealer
Mace Dealer
Spear Dealer
Swords Dealer [ 1 handed & 2 handed ]
Wand Dealer
Forges & Gem Dealer
Alchemist Needs
Tool Dealer



More Will Come...
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Default Pinoy's International Ragnarok Online (piRO)

Website: piRO Website Link

piRO Info

- Best for Pinoy Players and Good for International Players
- Includes 2nd Advance Jobs and Baby Jobs
- Includes 70+ Clothes Color and 40+ Hair Color
- Family Event (Marriage, Divorce and Adoption of Baby Jobs)
- War of Emperium
- Rates:
- Base Exp Rate: 3
- Job Exp Rate: 3
- Drop Rate: 20
- Max Level
- Max Base Level: 99
- Max Job Level: 70

Why is the Max Base Level only 99?
The Max Base Level is only 99 because its more challenging in PvP, WoE and MVP's not like when your level is 255 your gonna be unstoppable. Also with the use of Max Base Level 99 you can make your own perfect builds for character not like from other servers with Max Base Level 255 all your stats will be 99 in Base Level 180.

- Job Changer
- Warper
- Healer
- Renter
- Platinum Skill
- Stat & Skill Adder
- Reseter
- Stylist
- Dye Master
- Banker
- Angel Quest NPC
- The 4 "AC" brothers Quest NPC(Pac, Mac, Zac, Bac)


Why we use Fusion not eAthena, Vidar, Aegis or any other good emulators
I use Fusion because I have supported this emulator since the beginning when it was still Fusion 1.2.10. Also I use this because I think its a good emulator, Fusion is good on following.
- Low Memory Usage (Very less lag)
- W.A.C Registration (Cool registration tool its like eAthena SQL)
- Easy Configuration (Its true you know)
And besides, I already know alot in Fusion because I've been practicing using it everytime now I know much about Database Scripts (except exp notepads). Also this should have been tied up with eAthenas Rating only if Alex didnt quit and now Alex is back Fusion is now back in business too.

Custom Items
- Arc Angel Wing (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Arc Demon Wing (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Cat Ears (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Chii Ears (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Dowry (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Golden Dragon Helm (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Feather Wing (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Kakashi Headband (I'll post a screenie next time)
- Konoha Headband (You can see it on the Banner, the Girl Champion is wearing it)
- Valkyrie Helm (I'll post a screenie next time)

We're Recruiting Gm's and a 24/7 95% Server Hoster. If you want to apply go to our website (forums) and apply at the topic regarding the recruitment of Gm's.
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Default cakeRO

come join us on a full 24/7 server!
rates r 75/75/31

come join! CAKE RO
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nRO is a 24/7 private server run by Nikon and his GM Team.

Server specifications:

2.0ghz Athlon XP
hosted on a 15megabit / 2megabit fiber optic line!!
eAthena SVN

Rates: 850/850/850
Maximum Level: 255
Maximum Stat: 255

Hometown: Amatsu

NPCs: 2-2 adv jobchanger, supernovice, Vinnie (superitem seller), nRO Customer Card Seller, Hair Dyer, Clothes Dyer, Arrow Dealer, General Store, and much much more!

Mob count: 200%
Yes, that means I have doubled the monster count! :-)

Custom item mods: just to name a few... Rudras bow has 4 slots, Lord Kaho's horn has 4 slots and the Grand Cross has 4 slots.. discover the rest if you dare ;-)
Custom bosses: Zombie King

Patch: http://colin.thruhere.net/data.rar
Sclientinfo: http://colin.thruhere.net/sclientinfo.zip

To make an account simply register with _M or _F at login

Enjoy nRO and I hope to see you in game!

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Cool Berserk RO 1k/1k/1k

BerserK Ragnarok Online!

We have finished setting up the Alpha Stage of the server!

Computer Specs
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
Memory: 1024 Mb
Connection: 100Mbit
Server emulator: Latest eAthena SVN Version

bRO exe


Registration: _M/_F

Max Level
Advanced: 255/70
Regular: 99/50

Job Changer supporting all classes
Universal Rental NPC
Platinum Skill NPC
Stat/Skill resetter
Every shop you could need.
And MUCH MUCH more! Join the server now to experience all the fun!

Website: Coming Soon
Board: Coming Soon

Game Masters
BerserK - Host/Admin/Scripter
HighFlyer - Event Master/Community Advisor

GM Commands
@go, @warp, @storage, @die, @load, @mobinfo, @autoloot

Misc. Info
Main town is Prontera
Uptime: 24/7

<display>BerserK RO [Alpha]</display>
Join the server! You wont regret it!
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Default SquishtaRO

Forum: http://squishtaro.proboards3.com

Information on the server:

New Headgears, New Hairstyles, New Emoticons, New Weapons, and All Job Classes are available on this server! Update your kRO!

Main Towns:
Gonryun - Job Changer, Warper (most towns), Stylist, Skill Point Remover/Seller, Healer (most towns), Peco/Cart/Falcon Rental, Skill/Stat Reset, Card Remover, Bank Clerk, Sex Changer, Baby Job Changer
Prontera - Quest NPCs, including most new and old headgears
Payon - Armor and Weapon NPCs (ones that the shops sell) - Hunt for the ones with the extra slots

Rates: 5k Base / 5k Job / [variable drop rates] 3ki-sh for normal items, less for Cards/Equipment - helps create a friendly and market-based community :p

Maximums: Base level - 255, Job level - 100 for Advanced Classes, 70 For All Others (except novice/high novice), Stats - 255, Attack Speed - 195

Registration: username_M for male account; username_F for female. *You do not need to type _M/_F after your first login - it is just to create the account

PvP: Izlude

Non-WOE GvG: Alberta

War of Emperium: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - 7-9PM/Central time - Only 10 Castles (Payon and Prontera) to encourage more competition

Additional Information:

Type @help in-game to view your list of available commands

Dancers/Gypsys/Bards/Clowns can solo perform ensemble songs

Arrows don't get used up

Cloaking does not require a wall, so you can run about anywhere while cloaked

Some skills are improved or will be improved to make them funner and more useful - Vulcan Arrow and Wind Walk doesn't have the long cast time, most Alchemist skills don't require some crap, Create Deadly poison requires an empty bottle only, Mammonite uses no money (^__^)

Refining armor is more worthwhile - normally you get .7 DEF from one upgrade...here you get a full 1.0 (it all adds up)

Old Blue boxes have a few items added and Old Violet Boxes have a LOT of items added (very good ones too!)

Custom items and quests will be re-added gradually

If there are any updates to download, check the forums and you can find a download link - this way you won't get errors

Friendly GMs :)

Have fun!

Server Rules Failure to follow can range from a warning to jailtime, or even banning

1.) Be respectful to other players and GMs

2.) Don't spam skills in town - people get mad and it can get laggy

3.) Don't beg GMs for items

4.) Please, no ASCII names (like etc.)

5.) Don't whine about people killing you in PvP/GvG

6.) No botting, looting, KSing, exploiting of bugs/errors, or anything that would make others angry for being unfair

Data and Client Download: (You will need both!)


Sclient Info:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?>


<desc>Ragnarok Client Information - Taiwan Version</desc>


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Default got Ragnarok Online?

A growing community of beginning-advanced players, gRO is a pair of private Ragnarok Online servers available to anyone, free of cost! Client download and registration are quick and easy, so if you're looking for a new MMORPG with endless possibilities, give us a try!

Server Specs:
100Mbit Line...24/7 Uptime...0 Lag...Frequent Updates...Latest eAthena Emulator...Custom Client

Fafnir, our 'Hardcore Server'...Rates 5/5/3...Max Level 150/70
Nibelung, our 'Fun Server'...Rates 99/99/50...Max Level 255/120 NOW with Towns Ayothaya, Lighthalzen and Einbroch!

Special Features:
Custom Cards/Quests...Full Transcendent Class Implementation...Town/Dungeon/Storage/Bank/Reset/Rental NPCs...Multiple PvP and Dead Branch Arenas...Guild Wars (WoE) 3 Times a Week...Marriage/Adoption...Events Weekly...Many More Undiscovered Secrets!

Want In?
Visit the gRO Homepage to find our One-Step Download, Registration Page, Control Panel and Support Forums!
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Talking DrG-Ro- a Brand new stable and fun server. We work hard for our players ;)

***DrG-RO **New Server**

-----Server info:

-Server Online 24/7 . GM are often Online(international server)
-GM's speak English and French

Max lvl 255/100 - Max stat 200 - instant cast = Dex:175 max atk speed = 195

Rates : 250/250/75

Custom =(Prontera,Falcon,merchant cart,kahos sprite, wings)

New hair, News items

NPC: MVP arena,Warp npc, jobchanger,Quest, woe warper, super mega tool dealer, pvp arena

Command for player : @go, @storage, @autoloot @save

For all information go on the website=
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Default KeenRO. PVP Server

CHECK IT OUT !!!!!!!

Hi, this is a new server. A totally PVP server.
A lot people say this server is fun, but our server had been hack. So the KeenRO is down for 4-5 month.

This Server is just open, so everything is still BETA and not yet fix...

IP is Keen2.no-ip.info

1 poring 33 lvl
Max lvl 99
Job lvl 70
Easy 99, item easy hunt.
All map close except for important map ( prontera, geffen, jawaii)
Main city still a mystery coz we always change our main city.
All the map at other field is close so the server will no lag.
It is a 99% lag free server. (Don believe? Check it out)
If server is close, maybe there is having problem or something)
If you try now, maybe there is nothing coz server still fixing. (26/8/05)


Training NPC PVP PVP
Job Changing PVP PVP PVP
Warp NPC
POK POK NPC (70%) Success. PVP PVP PVP
Knuckles Dealer ll
Instrument Dealer SERVER
Whip Dealer
Feet|Garment Dealer
Accessories Dealer
2-2 Shop
Equipements Shop [ Armor, Shields, Footgears & garments ]
Bow Dealer
Arrows Dealer
Axes Dealer
Headgear 1 Dealer
Headgear 2 Dealer
New Headgear Dealer
Special Card Dealer
Book Dealer
Dagger Dealer
Katar Dealer
Mace Dealer
Spear Dealer
Swords Dealer [ 1 handed & 2 handed ]
Wand Dealer
Forges & Gem Dealer
Alchemist Needs
Tool Dealer


There will be no error if you got the latest progarm for ragnarok.

If you found out there is alot of thing is mising, don be angry. PLease join, our MAIN GM is still fixing coz this server just open an hour ago.

For more information please visit


This website is not been update for a long day so you will found out something is already outdate. LOL

1 more important thing, please invite your friend to play, we really really need your support on this server.

Enjoy it, thx

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Default World Wide RO

World Wide RO

After that I finally finished the website, server config and community board, I am now launching World Wide RO! This is a new high rate server for everyone, all over the world. The server uses the latest version of eAthena wich is very stable and uptime is 24/7 if you don't count the maintenance time, but the maintenance time ain't long at all and is only once per week. This server is really original cause we don't want so much custom items etc. that usually just makes it harder to connect to the server and sometimes just bombs you with errors. I hope to see you in the server!

Ded. Box Specs:
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
DDRAM: 512Mb
Upload Connection: 1Mbit (Will hold atleast 200 players online without lag!)
Server emulator: Latest eAthena SQL

Public Commands:

Job Changer supporting 2-2 classes
Card Remover
Universal Rental NPC
Town Warper
Platinum Skill NPC
Healer (Charging money)
Stat resetter
Custom Quest NPC's
And MUCH MUCH more!

Max Level: 255/70



Website: http://wwro.no-ip.org/
Registration: http://wwro.no-ip.org/CP/register.php
Board: http://wwro.no-ip.org/forum/

Server: irc.deltaanime.net
Channel: #wwRO

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?>
<display>World Wide RO</display>
<desc>The RO server for everyone!</desc>
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Default Anybody up for hosting my server?

Ok, this has been a problem to me. I can't find anybody that can.They either already hosting or doesnt play RO anymore.......please help me......

Aim sn: DizxAznBoi
Msn Messenger: Sangchoung@sbcglobal.net
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I think we should stick with standard eAthena forum rules and say no begging for a host. Hosting is the big responsibility, pay for a real unmetered host if you want, but don't beg someone to do it for free, bandwidth and electricity aren't free. Unless you have an absolutely stellar server (see humaRO) that is completely different from any other server and draws people to it in flocks, you are not likely to get a free host by any means.

Edit: And for budget hosting might I suggest http://eathena.deltaanime.net/board/...howtopic=48288

Last edited by foulplay; 08-26-2005 at 10:25 PM.
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Tournaments Won: 1

Default Devilish RO

Devilish has been up since March 2004 and at one point was considered one of the best Ragnarok Online servers ever. So come join us, you won't regret it, we're still one of the best RO servers and we won't let you down. Devilish has been hosted by ex eAthena developer for over 17 months and it is heavily customized and designed for balance to bring the user the ultimate Ragnarok Online experience. We are constantly bringing in new ideas and more end game content to make Ragnarok Online more exciting than ever.

At Devilish we promise you will have an amazing time with our strong and friendly community.

  • Server Version: Heavily Modified up-to-date SVN eAthena
  • OS: Slackware Linux 10.1.0
  • Connection: Dedicated 100mbs on OC-48 back-bone (NO LAG!)
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • Rates: 100/100/10
  • AWESOME community that has been forming since launch.
  • Active and friendly GM's.
  • Daily events.
  • Updated frequently via user friendly auto-patcher.
  • User friendly control panel (ROCP).
  • Job changer.
  • Custom job quests.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom palettes.
  • Custom NPC's.
  • Custom quests.
  • Custom shops.
  • WoE Tuesday and Saturday 4-6PM Central.
  • Advanced jobs(SinX, Stalker, Sniper, etc).
  • Max level 115.
  • Up-to-date maps such as Ayothaya, Einbroch and Lighthalzen.
  • Custom Dynamis dungeon.
  • Custom Relic weapons.
  • Hairstylist/Dye NPC
  • Universal Rental NPC.
  • Wedding NPC.
  • Refiner NPC.
  • Stat and skill reset NPCs.
  • PvP Arena.
  • Devilish Pub.
  • Player commands.
  • and more!
Player Commands:
  • @go
  • @me
  • @storage
  • @autoloot
  • @autotrade
  • @load
  • @hairstyle
  • @mobinfo
  • @iteminfo
  • @inall
  • @exall
  • @uptime
  • @time
  • @servertime
  • @date
  • @ignorelist
So there is some information about us, but let me tell you, our incredible community cannot be displayed in words, so come give us a chance! Just download the patch at http://hax-studios.net/devilish/patch/Devilish.rar
and register at http://hax-studios.net/devilish/

Zak Farrington alias fritz
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KorruptRO is a fledgling server which is rapidly expanding to include many friendly players allowing a vibrant, enjoyable community. This server is set up for those who wish to play hardcore RO and for those who just wish to quest (more on this later) or chat and make online friends.

KorruptRO is 30/30/30 rate server up 24/7 (unless down for maintenance) which has been recently updated, and now running on:

AMD Athlon xp2400
2 GB Ram
120 GB Hard drive
10 Mbps
Run on RedHat 9.0
Max lvl is 120/70.

WoE is set three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Gonryun is set as a PVP room and there is also a warp to PVP Town.

For those who wish to quest, KorruptRO has an uncountable number of quests from Chii ears, Evil Poring hat, to Naruto headgears, which include Sand, Konoha through Hokage and Kazekage and the Kakashi headgear.

@autoloot and @mobinfo are allowed for players. Pets can be tamed (including the adorable Alice pet) and We have a jobchanger, advanced jobs, daily events including pvp and RO trivia with prizes such as OCAs and OPBs and even rare headgears as prices.

NPCs include:
Headgear dealer
Armor dealer
Weapon dealers
Shield dealer
Garment dealer
Footgear dealer
Accessory dealer

Universal Rental NPC
Warp NPC to towns and dungeon lvls
Quest Skills NPC
Lottery NPC
Stocks NPC
Reset Girl
Chicken healer NPC
Rocks Paper Scissor NPC
Black Jack NPC

Professor Shrinkage
Arrow dealer
Card decomp NPC
Tool dealer
Forge dealer
Alchemist Dealer

...and so much more

Forums is located at http://www.korruptro.com/forums

IRC channel at: #korruptro in the irc.deltaanime.net server

Donation run server with benefits from donations.

More information about KorruptRO can be located at: http://www.korruptro.com
(new site layout arriving)

COME COME COME! and help KorruptRO grow~! biggrin.gif
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Default Got Ragnarok Online?

got Ragnarok Online?

We've Got...

A growing community of beginning-advanced players, gRO is a pair of private Ragnarok Online servers available to anyone, free of cost! Client download and registration are quick and easy, so if you're looking for a new MMORPG with endless possibilities, give us a try!

Server Specs:
100Mbit Line...24/7 Uptime...0 Lag...Frequent Updates...Latest eAthena Emulator...Custom Client

Fafnir, our 'Hardcore Server'...Rates 5/5/3...Max Level 150/70
Nibelung, our 'Fun Server'...Rates 99/99/50...Max Level 255/120 NOW with Towns Ayothaya, Lighthalzen and Einbroch!

Special Features:
Custom Cards/Quests...Full Transcendent Class Implementation...Town/Dungeon/Storage NPCs...Guild Wars (WoE) 3 Times a Week...Marriage/Adoption...Events Weekly...Many More Undiscovered Secrets!

Want In?
Visit the gRO Homepage to find our One-Step Download, Registration Page, Control Panel and Support Forums.
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Default FullMetalHellro

Registration Simple Like thid
Sever Goes 24/7 ON Tuesday
Account=Kabuto_M After u do This the First Time U Dont have to Do it again.

Poring --- Base 53 / Job 10 or above

Max Level: 9500+/255

Max stats: 2000

Max Hp 10mil/Sp5mil

We Got Woe,Pvp,Gvg,Events Your Local Npcs And Quest We got Everything U Need TO Stay At FullMetalHellro

Custom Equipment

Kakashi Headband=Gm Item
Seraphim Wings=Gm Item
Evil Helm=Boost Str+500 Agi+100 Obtainable Through Quest
Dark Demon Wings=Boost Agi+100 Luk+200 Obtainable Through Quest
Tri Wings=Vital+ 1000&Int+150 Obtainable Through Quest
Evil Bone Helm=Dex+2000
Butterfly Wings=Str+50 Agi+100 Vit+100 Int+50 Luk+200

Chii Ears =Vit+100 Agi+100

Magingiorde= Str 400 Mdef 7000 And has 4 Slots Accessory Obtainable Through Quest Only
Brysinggamen=str+ 500 Agi-500 Int+500 Luk-500 To all Stats Has 4 Slots Accessory Obtainable Through Quest Only
Novice Bracelet= Str,Int,Agi+1k
Critical Ring =Crit+ 1k
Zeny Knife =Makes 350k A Kill All Class Can use it Gold Sell 150k

Assaulter of Auger Card =House Auger effect

Mimic Of Auger Card =House Auger Effect

Weapons That HAve Auger Effect NOw To Use these Weapon u Got To Be Lvl 500
Guillotine Of Auger
Pole Axe Of Auger
Cresent OF Auger
Mjolnir Of Auger

Ballista Of Auger
Berserk Of Auger
Electric Of Auger

Chemeti Of Auger
New Daggers Not Release To Public Until Further Notice
Jujube Dagger
Dragon Killer

Hometown - Our New Home is Prontera And its not Your average Pronera Trust me

Player Commands:




@jump to

@warp to







Good Luck!

Admin/Temp Host Kabuto
Hoster Onizuka

Sub-Gm Skye


<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<desc>Ragnarok Client Information - International Version</desc>


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