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Post Google Sky Map and Goggles by Google

Goggles captures images with your phone's camera and is able to do a Google search using only the picture taken. It apparently works with logos/trademarks, landmarks, books, movies, games, UPC codes, and more. I tested it out a few times and it seems fairly accurate.

Google Sky Map is an application that uses your phone's GPS and accelerometer to map out the location of stars, planets, constellations, etc in the night sky. Basically, you hold your phone up towards the night sky with the screen facing you, and it labels and maps stars in whichever direction you point your phone. When I tried it last night I was surprised by the accuracy.

I would definitely recommend checking them out to anyone with an Android based phone. Both can be found on the Android App Store and both are free.
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Goggles is a cool technology. See, the thing I hate about being born when I was is that technology is cool, but every slightly original single idea I get has already been implemented, usually by Google.
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