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Default SKY CONTROL - Flash-game


Every day all of us run somewhere, rush or fly... Meetings, business, exhibitions and conferences. Often in other countries.
So you book the flight, take off and then land where you need and move on with your business. Normally you take it for granted or just forget how many people contribute so much efforts and time to your comfortable and fast flight.

Fascinating Flash online game "SKY CONTROL" immerses you deeply into abyss of air traffic controller working duties. You have 30 days to master the art of guiding dozens and hundreds of plains through your air corridor as fast and safe as you can. It looks a piece of cake at first sight. Plains enter your radar zone from one side of air corridor and your task is to guide them correctly to the exit gate of the corridor. Unfortunately, plains fly at various speed, schedule, courses and sometimes air traffic becomes so busy that casual workday of traffic controller imperceptibly turns out into heroic deed.

More over, plains face some obstacles on their courses:
- thunder storm clouds (they hit plains with thunders, get it off the course and sometimes cause plain crash)
- flocks of birds (lesser obstacles, hitting them puts significant penalty on level score)
- UFO (extra terrestrial thieves of plains and passengers that invaded your radar zone)
For plane hitting flocks of birds or thunder stricken you get level score penalty. The plains flying too close to each other also get penalty. UFO steal your plains and not only penalty your current level score but give you no chance to earn more points for guiding those plains through the corridor. Also if your plain leaves radar zone not through corridor exit you get level score penalty and plain crash means you have to retry. It gets even more complicated and challenging when you have plains, corridor entrances and exits of different colors to match.

Fortunately, there are some helpful devices at air controller's disposal - the upgrades for your radar that you can by with earned points. Among them: "Clearing Airspace", "Closing Airspace" and more. The upgrade "Intervals decrease" will be necessary for making highest level scores - it decreases penalties when plain approach too close to each other. Every upgrade can help you more effectively the more it costs.
To sum it up the game gets so exciting and challenging over levels that we couldn't manage to pass to level 20 although we had some radar upgrades improved. The game wins over with its simplicity in control and intuitive engagement into gameplay. It is so easy to master game mechanics but so hard to stop playing it.

We recommend playing the game to:
- the fans of dynamic and quickly developing gameplay
- those who like controlling plains or other flying machines
- those who enjoy good online games

Our remarks:
- there are not so many upgrades in the game

Our rating: 9/10

Game developed by: Alexey Izvakov

Play the game here: http://www.elite-games.net/games/3515/sky-control.html
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