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Default My Mafia II demo impressions

The game is a lot like GTA IV, only more realistic. Shooting feels more natural than GTA IV, and enemies react pretty well to being shot. Heath regenerates but it only takes a few bullets to kill your character. Pillars crumble when you shoot them, but even more advanced effects are available to those with Nvidia GPUs. Driving is in my opinion inferior to GTA IV, but it's not exactly bad either.

When speaking of graphics, this game is clearly meant to be played on the PC. While I haven't had a chance to try the 360 version (No Xbox Live Gold) the PS3 version looked pathetic when compared directly to the PC version. Even my laptop managed to shame Sony's flagship console.

The PS3 version lacks the grass density seen in the PC version, has lower resolution textures, a worse draw distance for shadows and objects, a pretty uneven frame rate, and some pretty severe image tearing. Did I mention the fact that it also appears to be running in a sub-720p resolution? From reports on the internet, the difference between the PS3 and 360 versions is minor at best.

The game is still worth trying for console gamers, but anyone with a half-decent PC should opt for that version of the game.
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Ninja Pimp Slap!


I actually saw the notice that the new Mafia II demo is available for download on my PS3. I'm up to see the graphics myself since my friend gave me a new HDMI cable for my PS3. I know you already gave such a detailed review on the graphics and gameplay which is a good heads up for whether it's crap or not. Maybe I'll have a different experience for the game since I don't pay attention too much to the details like that. Thanks for the heads up with the review on the demo though...saves the trouble of having to buy or sneak a peek at some game magazine for the same kind of review you give for free on gPrime most of the time. I'll be sure to DL the demo as soon as I can.
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Since Mafia1 and before the second game came out, I'm hanging on browser based games. Play me because everywhere at the moment of time and concentrate primarily on games such as battlestar galactica online or Nemexia.

From the game Mafia2 , I am a little disappointed. I had expected more of it. Just because it has taken so long = (
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