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Default Story I wrote

This is a story I wrote about my idol Anna Öhman and her boyfriend Cylinder for my Scandinavian Lit class. We had to write a story based on the prompt: "A woman finds lipstick on her husband's collar."

Läs det, eller Anna ska komma till DITT hus och gör till DIG vad hon gör till Cylinder i den här historien!

Anna and Cylinder's Love Story

What the HELL?!” Anna exclaimed as she examined her newly wedded husband, Anton’s, dress shirt.
There was lipstick on the shirt! Lipstick! It could only mean one thing: that despicable, conniving wretch of a husband of hers was being unfaithful! Already!
Anna began to furiously rip the expensive shirt to shreds, her flaming red hair perfectly mirroring the extent of her rage (as it happened to during much of Anna’s life, interestingly enough).
“Anton Cehlinder, this day will be your last!” she screeched as she furiously rampaged through their little Stockholm apartment, kicking walls and smashing to bits all objects in sight. Her anger only intensified the already quite strong headache she was experiencing.
Whether this day would indeed be Anton’s last was still yet to be determined, but their meeting the coming evening was sure to be an intense one. Anna and Anton had met at an anger management class where they had both been sent for their anti-social activities. They grew fond of each other through their mutual complaints about the B.S. their instructor was attempting to brainwash them with.
“And exactly what IS wrong with throwing some stupid dullard out of a window of a moving subway?! Huh?!” Anna would ask Anton, him responding,
“I don’t know! I also don’t know what the world is coming to when the only acceptable use of firearms is for hunting! How dare society infringe on my right to blow other people’s brains out!?”
A few more conversations like this one, and the two of them were rapidly falling in love.
Just then, Anna could hear a key turning in the door to their apartment. She hastily grabbed a glass vase and prepared to attack her husband as he entered.
Anton was humming to himself, in a surprisingly good mood considering that it was him. He and Anna had had a marvelous time the previous night, although he wasn’t sure how much she remembered, as she’d had a bit too much to drink. It didn’t matter, though. He was looking forward to seeing his wife again that evening as he stepped inside and BAM! He was instantly knocked out cold by his stark raving mad wife.

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