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MeTal CaNdYcaNe
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Default Mirror Images

Sorry for the short hiatus like non updatey period.

Pretty priceless IMO

8 mile? [ 3.1 mb ]

Great band I recently came across. I think their videos are what made me love them right off.

fools want noise [ 7.4 mb ]

household injuries [ 6.2 mb ]

Well, it appears our text document uploading is not doing so well right now, so I'll have to save those for next time. This could very well be the worst update in the history of ever, but you'll have to live.

To tide you over, lets recommend websites! (Yes, Becca, the way to keep an audience is to tell them you suck and then give them something else to do somewhere else. SELL SELL SELL!)

Neave.com You'll be on it for hours.

Boobahs After seeing this website I decided to never ever try drugs. ever. I'm being totally serious.

Watch this for me, please. It's so amazing. I'm seen it at least 20 times. (once again, being completely, pathetically serious.)
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
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