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comments and error reporting find a dead link? don't like the way things are layed out? or just want to make a suggestion? this is the place for all of the above

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Jakk Frost
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Default Was there a recent member list purge?

Just curious, as I just had to completely re-register. I've had no internet for the last 3-4 months, but my account was active before that, I know because I had problems changing my e-mail address in June, but it finally sorted out (on June 22nd to be exact, I still have the e-mail).

Sure I didn't post a lot, but I'm not usually very talkative, and I'd been registered for a couple of years. Seems kinda strange that my account got purged in less than 5 months, unless there was a database problem recently. I've had longer inactivity than that before.

Anyways, just wondering, as I've lost my settings and favourites and such.
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diet poop
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The system is automatically set to deactivate any accounts that are totally inactive for more than a month or so.
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