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diet poop
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Default Update rules

For those of you who enjoy doing updates, we appreciate that. However, I believe some rules need to be set in place.
  • ALWAYS make sure you have permission from the artist before you post a video. We want to keep gprime's good name, and not become associated with the likes of ebaum's world.
  • DO NOT post clips from movies, TV shows, or cut-scenes from video games
  • there are a few exceptions to the previous rule, if you wish to post a clip from an obscure movie or show (preferably in the public domain), thats fine, just keep it short, not a 10 minute scene. (For example, if I wanted to post a funny clip from 'Santa Clause Conquers the Martians' in which Mrs. Clause jumps around like she's got mental problems)
    Another exception is commercials (hey, free advertising. No one will complain)
  • DO try to post original content from G-prime as much as possible, (and on that note, we need more original content you artists!)
  • Keep the average size of videos under 6-7MB. Every once in a while a video that reaches 10MB is fine, but seriously, bandwidth doesn't grow on trees. (It's also inconvenient for visitors to the site)

And lastly and most importantly, THINK before you update. Frequent updates are nice, but not if the quality of the updates are going to suffer for it.
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BRB, uploading movie.
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