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Why would you just post a link of www.cnn.com and tell us to look it up...

If you want people to belive you, post a direct link.

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Default re: CNN article

The only problem with this article is the fact that it is a patent only, and a recent patent. You can't design technology, science that hasn't been used yet, in a few weeks or months.

If NASA were to come out saying, "We're going to Pluto," we wouldn't be going tomorrow. It'd be atleast 10-20 years down the line. This applies to Sony if they can even muster that kind of scientific breakthrough... not to mention government intervention of possible 'mind control' issues.

And as the previous poster stated, saying 'look it up' doesn't prove anything. If that's in any way a response to me posting links as evidence I would pitty its use... but probably not.

The poster's purpose is to state that we can't believe everything we see online. My purpose was to state why we could believe that video to be real, conceptually, research-ended and financially, on Nintendo's part.

It's hard to say until Nintendo says something concrete.

As to the poster a few replies ago... according to some movies, we'll be on Mars by 2010 or 2020, but I can't post evidence on that. 10 years to develop a VR system is more real than any untouched Sony patent without the technology to do it yet.

"No no no, it's a fake... but look at this! -This- is real..." Hah.
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