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Default Logos by Atlas Sound

The new album by Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, making this his second solo album. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but so far it seems like Deerhunter with a few songs that try to sound a bit more like Animal Collective.

EDIT: I'm a moron; I just noticed that one of the songs is featuring Noah Lennox, the "lead singer" from Animal Collective. I was gonna say, "damn, this sounds a fucking lot like Animal Collective".

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Venture Capitalist


Deer Hunter had like 3 songs I absolutely loved (Christ Jesus has to be in the top 10 most played songs on my ipod), but the majority of their stuff falls flat in my book. But I'll give this project a listen.
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19th President


Deerhunter is my favorite band. I love the new album.
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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Deerhunter is my favorite band. I love the new album.
So Modest Mouse is no longer your favorite band? I'm assuming after their last two mediocre albums you lost interest in them.
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Mmmm, not a fan. Then again I was never a fan of Deerhunter to begin with.
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