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If anyone but john was to post an update, it would be one of the "already mods".
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Default Well

Noone would believe me unless i posted a picture, Woot.

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Originally Posted by MofoNuggets
Thats actualy not a bad idea someone who regularily chats on the forums able to update? sounds like a good idea to me Id go for it if this was my site.
There was a discussion about this on the moderator forum awhile back.

Originally Posted by john
Well as you all obviously know, the servers keeping the website afloat cost money, and this is usually covered by the Google ads. Because Google can, they have a very strict policy, which changes slightly month-to-month. Last week they finalized the new policy, and to resume using Google ads we've been forced to accept the changes. Some new things that affect what goes around here:

I didn't fill out any U.S. tax forms because I'm not a business and I don't do any "business" in the U.S., and I don't "hire" people since we're all in this for fun. According to the AWA (AdSense Advisor), having people even write articles on the front page, even if they're doing it free, counts are hiring help, which requires me to apply for a "business" account and fill out tax forms. First of all, this is the most retarded thing I've ever heard, how does multiple people merely posting on a site like this turn it into a business?

We have two choices:

1) Follow their new guidelines, which restricts you guys from making "updates." Google has peeved a lot of webmasters, and in the past they-ve reversed some guidelines because of so many complaints. They could do it again, so we can wait and see.

2) Change Ads to something else that a) looks non-flashy, like the google text ads we have now, and b) pays around $ a month to keep the servers running.

It's up to you guys really, since this doesn't really affect me.

Anyone else have the feeling that our "friend" Google is starting to feel a lot like Microsoft?
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Ooo... that stinks.

What other ads are there that could be showed on the site? Should he just go looking around for ads to put on, maybe ask us to pay for some of our ads?
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score of 1090 :(
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This small squirrel (post by heyyou27) looks like my squirrel that died one day ago....*chuif*
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