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WTF is right...

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Default ...

Originally Posted by Puppet
dude i wish i could dance like chad he 1337 120x012Z, man i would get all da chicks like in da video. or was dat cause he lived in da ball
your 1337 5p34k is lacking the letter "r" is clearly |2 not 12 12 is clearly "L2", which means nothing
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Username == Salocin.TEN

Cool Huh? I thought quoting is polite.

Originally Posted by Stuart Z
probably because you said "I think they're all pretty awesome" I think he thought you were talking about clubs.
Well, the only reason I quoted MegaBeast is because it felt polite to do so, a quote is like the "original message" in an e-mail reply.
I knew very well MegaBeast was talking solely about the movie.

Oh, and actually, I have not seen a lady nightclub DJ before. She looks awesome too.
(Now that I got gracefully rejected the day before when I suggested a movie date, I think I have slightly more freedom of choice and thought)
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Default lmao

hahahahhahahahahahhhajhwn fvrefd

that. was. freaking. hilarious.

my favorite one is the SwimMeet? <3
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