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Default dice wars

kinda like that game about war that everyone likes......

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Oh, I LOVE that game, thanks for reintroducing it.

I can't make a new post, which is what I registered to do. . . understandable because of spammers.

But I want to know if anyone remembers a game.

The game is you have 3 dudes on either side, all human controlled (played online). You pick what you look like and then you are randomly teamed up and put up against other people. It was like that tank game where you point and select how hard you want to shoot to destroy the other guy. However, in this you moved first, and then selected your weapon and attacked. There was a time limit to do everything, I think. . .everyone moved at the same time so you didn't know exactly where or what other people were doing. One of the weapons was a crowbar, I think.

If anyone can remember, that would be great. I am looking to blow some time right now :)
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Cool game !
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