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Default The rumor of server abuse.

As I was surfing today, I found sites that had their videos attached from gprime as a plugin to their embedded videos, I searched up their vid names, and found the threads. But I never knew anyone knew about it until this:

Originally Posted by Stokes
I don't get it...

I'm not complaining...it's just...I don't get it...

Are you using the GPrime server to post your personal videos to use for another site? Because that is server abuse.

Caught red-handed.
Yes, this was from the thread "Bouncy Foot Vid (Dont Watch)", who strokes just happened to be browsing when he/she found out that it was server abuse (sorry, i dont know your gender, strokes).

Please report any rumors OR any weird videos that could be used as server abuse here.

(and im no mod, im just doing this to spread the word).
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Thank you, AA.

A while ago when gprime was small, we used to have each video fed through a PHP script whenever someone watched a video. Eventually I figured out this was dumb, because everytime someone went to watch a video, it used quite a bit of memory and CPU (and it didn't need to).

The way the forum works now, is that each attachment is actually fed through a PHP script, exactly hoe videos used to be served before. I rely on the fact that there will not be many requests for attachments, because it really kills the server and really bogs it down.

When people upload attachments and use them on other sites, not only does this kill memory and CPU usage (which has been causing the slow forum and database errors lately) but it's also just plain stealing our bandwidth.

I'll look into this, and see if there's anything we can do. And again, thanks for brining this to our attention.
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thanks jon.
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