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Brave Warrior GaoGaiGar

Default Attention!

Okay, this is actually important (to me, anyway) But..to you who I made sigs for, if you haven't already, please, save it to your computer or use your own hosting, because hosting your pictures is killing my photobucket account. Can't keep having you freeloaders eat my bandwitdth :P

Anyways...if you have any sense of humanity..please use another hosting besides mine

I guess I'll give you like..a week to read this
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Ok, thanks.

I'm not involved with this.
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Old 07-11-2005, 08:16 PM   #3
Brave Warrior GaoGaiGar


Well..you had better not be. I wouldn't like the thought of someone I know isn't using my hosting.. Is using it. O_o
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