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Default Night trap

Well yeah guys i've got (downloaded) night trap converted to the pc and having problems with it cause the framrates and sync (mostly sync) is well fu**ed up really bad just wondering if any of you guys know how to overcome this problem, i would be so happy if i played this game cause i haven't played it since i was a kid and had to buy it from the blackmarket cause it's banned all over the place and i think the only place i think it's legal is tokyo and e-bay, and i had no choice but to download it cause it's a rare game and i lost my original. The guy who gave me the game for download said it was working on his side and gave me a bunch of soloutions of how to fix it but nothing worked.

BTW: I don't think it's my pc cause i tried it on all 4 of my pc's but nothing and i tried the emualtor and sh*t.
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Night trap for SEGA CD?... You'd actually want to play that?
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I like anything thats banned or "B" rated anything thats B rated is usually an A in my eyes but lets not forget if it wasn't for people like myself who like B movies and games then DogSoldiers, GTA and Evil dead 2 wouldn't have stood a chance reaching an audience and i'm not a fan of pop i prefer stuff thats different so the answer to that question is no i'm not ashamed and i do want to play it cause it's original and unique.

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