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Exclamation Stop! Don't post! Read here first. - Last updated August 24 2006

If you're here, then I was successful in catching your attention :D

We need some rules so things don't get out of hand. This thread will be updated from time to time. Super mods, feel free to edit this as seen fit.


The board posting delay rate is 30 seconds. This is so people don't go crazy with post "racing." There is no sense in making useless posts, as the mods will just delete them. Also, if you intend a post for one specific person, that's what the private message function is for. The rest of the board should not have to be subjected to your personal conversations. If you make a habit of spamming, we'll be forced to suspend your account. Remember, nobody likes a spammer.
Please don't double/triple post. If you have something else to say, please edit your first post instead of creating a new one. Some times it is unavoidable such as posting multiple pictures or attachments. This will be allowed but consolidate as much as possible into each post. Multiple posts will either be combined or extra posts deleted at moderators discretion

Here is an important one:

DON'T TALK ABOUT SPAMMING. This *is* spamming itself. Mods will find spammy threads and/or posts and delete them when necessary, you don't have to complain if someone is spamming, because that's just more for the mods to delete later. This may be an opportunity to use the "Report Bad Post" function.


Free iPod offers, showing off your website, or whatnot; don't make posts about it (unless you are "submitting" it, then put it in the "submittion" forum). You are free to put these addresses in your signatures, but try to keep it tidy. Nobody like text that covers half the screen asking them to click your link. **Updated - Gprime.Net is not a commercial site. We do not allow postings advertising items or services to buy or sell. The only exception to this rule is postings related to The Gprime Store on Cafepress.


People have their own opinions; respect them. Don't tell someone "they suck" or their opinions are "wrong" or "retarded." Example: "I think Game System X is the best, nothing beats it!" Bad Reponse: "Wow are you stupid? It's so overpriced, and the graphics suck. Leave now." Good Reponse: "Well, it's a good system, but ouch, look at the price tag. Personally, I'd take Game System Y over Game System X any day!"

In Conclusion

Basically if you treat everyone with the respect they all deserve and use common sense when you post, this will be a great place for everyone. We seem to be doing fine right now, so let's try to keep it that way :D

Post Counts

Alright, these threads have come up a lot of times. Yes, we do not have post counts, your browser is working (for the most part) and there are no errors. We've disabled it because of problems in the past, concerning post counts, and this was the best way to solve it.

Note: As of now, we do have post counts again. If problems arise again, we'll just remove them.

Offensive Material

Yeah, we don't want any. Anything that seems unreasonably offensive will be deleted. If it's something that has some significance, and isn't just some random crap, then please post a warning, preferably with a brief description. I'm sure even the absent-minded can tell what would be offensive.

Moderating Duties

Please do not ask us if you can be a moderator. If we feel that we need more staff, we will approach the person that we feel is responsible and mature enough to trust with the job. Asking will not help, and may actually hurt your chances in the long run.

Keep an eye on this thread, more things will be appended at a later date.
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