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Default The Spirit World

Completely Original: This is an RP I'm currently running on another site. I thought we needed a serious RP to start us off. Please don't spam it. If you do I'll just delete the post, so you're wasting your time and mine.

All around us, at all times, spirit world layes hidden beneath our own. A woman you pass on the streets may really be a hag, a troll, or a kitsune. However, despite these two worlds intermingling, humans cannot see or sense the spirit world, save for a few. All people are born with a spark within them, some peoples spark naturally burns bright enough to see and access the magical plane, but most need a focusing medium. A focusing medium is a special crystal that, when touched, links to a persons soul, and takes on a form befitting them. This focusing medium anchors them to the spirit world, and allows them to see, sense, and interract with the spirit plane around them. Everyone who has accessed their spark can utilize their spirit power in the same basic attacks, but above this, everyone has a unique soul that manifests itself with unique abilities. For example, everyone can unleash a wave of spirit power that will physically damage the opponent, but the strength of the attack is dependent on the strength of the persons soul and character, be it good or evil either way the strength is the same, its based on the strength og your will, not how you use it. Furthermore someone with a fire spiritl may release their blasts as fire, while someone with a water spirit may release theirs as a wave, for example. In the spirit world struggles constantly wage between diffirent courts and powers, alliances forming and being broken, wars beginning and ending, mercenary knights roam in large troops, available for hire.

At this point in time two main courts have risen to power, lets say the Seelie and Unseelie courts for simplicity's sake. The courts entail spirits, fairies, and human mages that actually belong to the courts, as well as mercenary bands. The Seelie Court wants to seperate the spirit world from the human world permanently, to create a more beautiful and pristine existence, believing that comingling is disgusting chaos (though individuals may have their own personal reasons). The Unseelie Court wants to merge the two worlds fully, believing that true beauty and wonder comes from natural chaos, and the absolute absence of order. (Again individuals can have personal reasons.) The third faction, though significantly smaller and less powerful, wants to maintain the balance as it is, believing this is the natural order of things, and are called the Balance.

The basic classes are Spirit Walker (human that can access the spirit realm) and Spirit/Faerie (mythological ones only.) Please stick to serious races, no butterfly sized sprites and the like.

Age: (13 - 60)
Appearance (pic if available, detailed description if not):
Form of the Focusing Medium (All are made of clear crystal):
Manifestation of your Spirit (your powers basially):
Relevant History:
How you were introduced to the spirit world:
Which faction you fight for (you may switch later, but you must fight for one):

No Godmodding, no powerplay. (I will be running this more strictly than some RP's, and as such I want no more than 5 or 6 members to join. Others may be able to join later, but I want a small starting basis. This also means I may prevent you from gaining new abilities to soon if it conflicts with the storyline.) No multiple characters. Your character may die at some point, and you can restart with a new character of similar experience, but you may only do so when it fits with the plotline, and no more than once or maybe twice.
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