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Cool My 10 Favorite Flash Game Hacks

First off, what is a hacked flash game? A hacked game is basically a flash game modified from the original game, certain values such as health, cash and upgrades are changed. If you would like feel free to check out my favorite 10 favorite hacked games. Enjoy!

10. Road of the Dead Hacked
Whats the hack? Start with 100 CR, all upgrades cost 1 CR only. The game is 25 MB - let it load. Hack updated with : car takes no damage and unlimited ammo.

9. Crush the Castle 2 Hacked
Whats the hack? All projectiles unlocked from the start.

8. Coaster Racer Hacked
Whats the hack? Start with 100 cash, all upgrades give you more.

7. Warlords Called to Arms Hacked
Whats the hack?
Unlimited Money, Instant Troop Spawn, Demons class unlocked, Charge ready in 1 kill, All classes unlocked

6. Madness Retaliation Hacked
Whats the hack? Start with 100HP and AP instead of 5. Gain 100 AP each turn. Using medikits, smoke grenades and flashbangs doesn't take them away. We don't want to overkill the game with hacks and 100AP will get any enemy killed with 1 unit only so let us know if there's something else we can help you with (hack wise).

5. Weapon Hacked
Whats the hack? Lots of health, enemies do no damage, 999999 money - you can buy all the upgrades/weapons you want.

4. Thing Thing 4 Hacked
Whats the hack? Health, Ammo, And all weapons owned ! Pipe and Sword 1 hit kill ! All guns auto ! All outfits unlocked after completing the 8 achievments ! See info below for weapon & health tip ! Also you can Play naked lol outfit "0"

3. Achievement Unlocked 2 Hacked
Whats the hack? Market Place Items only cost 1 coin - 30 minutes instead of 4 in time mode

2. Shopping Cart Hero 2 Hacked
Whats the hack? verything in the shop is free!

1. Toss the Turtle Hacked
Whats the hack? Everything in the shop costs $1. After the first shot you'll be able to get everything. No need of other hacks since it will take the fun out of the game.
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Originally Posted by chrisgroves3 View Post
No need of other hacks since it will take the fun out of the game.
It's funny for you to say that when hacking the games this way removes all the fun and challenge.
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Tournaments Won: 2


Delicious irony. That said, I wish I still had my hack of Robot Unicorn Attack. 80,000x score multiplier and heavy techno, anyone?
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