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Default April Fools 2011

Post and comment on all the good stuff you come across.

Half-life crosses over into Vindictus. This is an April Fools event, but the items and quests are real. Fuck yeah!

GW2 Commando class revealed. GW1 had a tie-in quest where you donned commando equipment and skills to help a commando from the future in the past to stop the evil Annihilator Golem from killing Sarah, thus allowing Gwen the Goremaster to be born.

Minecraft store. Having a problem with Minecraft? For the low, low price of $494, you can get an instant response from the support team! By the way, try putting $10,000 of stuff in the cart and checking out.

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Youtube 1911 I would link to the page but it's a safe bet we all have at least one tab with it already.
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Forsaken World reveals the "Edward" class.

Harry Potter TV series.

Gmail Motion.

Fightin Frogs. I kinda want to call my local Gamestop and ask to purchase this.

SCII patch.
Not all of this is good, so I pulled the best snippets out.
"To balance the issue of Zerg under-representation and Terran over-representation in the upper ladder brackets, the names of these two races have been switched. This should result in higher "Zerg" representation and lower “Terran” representation."
"Whenever a Phoenix performs the barrel roll animation, it cannot be damaged by any attacks."
"The Ghost can no longer be produced. Once a Ghost's progress bar is partially complete it will be postponed indefinitely." (A joke on a game I'd like to come out that they have put on 'indefinite hold'. Assholes.)
"Fixed a bug where Terran players were able to lose a game."

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//wall blocks control
Tournaments Won: 4


For Gmail motion click "Learn more" in the Google docs section, I almost missed it. Also the Gmail Actions picture is a link.
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//wall blocks control
Tournaments Won: 4


Black Friday

Not an April Fool's joke per se, but theres a lot of great stuff on there today.
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Ninja Pimp Slap!


Ha...wow I really love the 'Commando' class they had for the Guild Wars April Fools. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any 'good ones' lately.
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