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Default ultra random even for a random baord

The word "unfathomable." does it contradict itself?I say this because fathomable,meaning to understand,is the exact opposite of unfathomable,which means unable to understand.so if something is unfathomable it is still fathomable beacause you understand it is unfathomable.but if it is unfathomable you can't fathom it to begin with even though you understand that it is unfathomable and so goes the cycle.So does it contradict itself or am i just thinking to hard about something that doesn't need to be though about?
(sorry if this is noobish ,but the i need an answer because it has been nagging me for days)
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Well, as a terms of measurement, it makes perfect sense.

As a terms of comprehension, don't worry yourself about. You can't fathom a certain aspect of the object; you can fathom some things, and yes, you can fathom that it's unfathomable in other parts.

For those things that are truly unfathomable (ie gods), you just accept that they are unfathomable. We had a discussion of this sort just a short while ago.

If you can't fathom it, accept it anyways. It's there.
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I can't believe I can fathom what you guys said! I must be smart!

I think the question is a bit of an oxy-moron in the terms you put it.

"No one goes to the beach anymore, it's too crowded"

Or my story on why no one has invented the time machine!

"If you had invented a time machine and went back in time to keep yourself from being born somehow, you would never be alive to invent the time machine.

Thus, because you never invented the time machine, you were never able to go back in time to keep yourslf from being born, meaning you lived.

Thus, you were born and by fate created the time machine, going back in time to keep yourself from being born somehow.

You then were never able to create the time machine!"

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you lot have to much time on ya hands, stop thinking bout things that don't need to be thought about, go out and get a life and a girlfriend, if this sounds mean im sorry but wot u guys think bout is not worth doing
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And so do you apparently,especially if you have time to read this thread and insult me and the people who were nice enough to post and help me try to answer my question.Also i have a life and a girlfriend(who is pretty damn hot).
And yes, go bash this thread in the freaking "nonsense" board out of all the other threads/boards.have you taken a look at the net lately?this is actually a somewhat intellectual conversation.
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flip dude
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Dude this is like the tenth thread like this just stick the ones we already got.
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I hate not being able to understand things such as this, *wishes could explain human psyche*
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my bad flipdude.someone close this thread please
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