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The bands are according to what the government deems 'national priorities' and whatnot. Naturally, there's already quite a few lawyers in our country as it is so they have to shell out more for loans because they're somewhat deemed 'redundant'.
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I guess that's efficient in the sense that theoretically it wards people away from going into unneeded jobs, but it's just weird/wrong to think of a higher price being put on somebody's dream, and maybe that's just the idealistic American in me.
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Originally Posted by MeTal CaNdYcaNe View Post
Wait, depending on what major you go into, you pay more or less? That's fucked.
They're not really majors our undergrad degrees are more or less useful (unless its like a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science then you'll need to go post-grad to get a job), like over in America from what I understand you guys need to study like four years of pre-law or pre-med or whatever then you go to law school/med school to be qualified as a lawyer/doctor. Here I do my four/five year undergrad degree (five for me because I'm doing a double) then six month PLT then I'm a qualified solicitor.

So its kinda like doing grad school and college in one I guess.
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Some universities are changing it to make it so that you DO have to go to grad school to do law or medicine or anything like that. It gives people time to back out if they feel like they made the wrong choice. It has its ups and downs.
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Yeah so far only University of Melbourne does that I think? Its got some advantages like I wouldn't mind that I'm doing an arts degree anyway but I think they should go back to the old system of making law mandatory double degree so you get a broader knowledge and Medicine should be post-grad only so they have to do a science or something degree first I think that could be helpful though I have several friends doing medicine and they're loving it.
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