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Old 07-26-2010, 12:41 AM   #426

Smile Envy Ro

Control Panel www.envy-ro.com/cp

Basic Info

Max Level: 99
Max Job (trans): 70
Instant Cast: 150 dex
Max Aspd: 190
WoE: Yes
WoE SE: Yes
Endless Tower: Yes
3rd Classes: No
Main Town: eNvyRO

Experience Rates

Base: 45x
Job: 45x
Quest: 15x

Item Drop Rates

Normal Items: 15x
MvP Items: 15x
MvP Cards: 0.15%

WoE Times (GMT -8)



Unique WoE Statistics
Easy Pet Taming System
100+ Custom Pets
400+ Cloth & Hair Palettes
46 Hairstyles
50+ Differnt Skin Tones
Custom quests for unreleased headgears
Custom Mob Drops
Event Token Shop
PvP Room with Ranks
Summon Rooms (Party, Guilds and Private)
Auto events and mini-games
Free Warper
Universal Rental
Card Removal
Kafra, tool dealer and warper on all towns
Special @ Commands


@commands,@charcommands,@rates,@uptime,@exp,@mobin fo,@monsterinfo,@mi,@ii,@iteminfo,@whodrops
@time,@date,@serverdate,@servertime,@party,@duel,@ invite,@accept
@reject,@leave,@away,@aw,@noask,@autoloot,@autotra de,@at,@alootid

International Commands

!commands,!charcommands,!rates,!uptime,!exp,!mobin fo,!monsterinfo,!mi,!ii,!iteminfo,!whodrops
!time,!date,!serverdate,!servertime,!party,!duel,! invite,!accept
!reject,!leave,!away,!aw,!noask,!autoloot,!autotra de,!at,!alootid


Server: irc.deltaanime.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #envyro

Join today!
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Old 07-28-2010, 08:24 AM   #427

Exclamation Emperor RO

Website: EmperorRO
Forums: EmperorRO Forum
Register: Here

EmperorRO are currently searching for a balanced and well-established private Ragnarok Online server, please stop it now because you just got yourself one, specially dedicated to those who want a new and fresh environment.

The team is hoping for bigger server to archive our goal, although it is not 100% complete, but we hope for more suggestion and ideas from player to improve our server.

Server Information
Rates: 250x/250x/15x
Quest Exp: 1000x
Cards/Equips drop: 5%
MVP Cards/Equips: 3%
Renewal: Yes
Main Town: Prontera
WoE: Coming soon
Event: Coming soon
Max level: 2nd job (99/70) / 3rd job (150/50)
Max Stat: 120 for 3rd job
Premium: Yes
GMs: Friendly
Main language: English
more to come and so on...

Server Future
  • Hat maker
  • Endless tower
  • Card remover
  • Healer
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Warper
  • Job changer
  • Resetter
  • Banker
  • Mailing system
  • PvP waper
  • GvG warper
  • Premium agent
more to come and so on...

Commands Available
  • time
  • date
  • serverdate
  • servertime
  • jailtime
  • uptime
  • refresh
  • autoloot
  • exp
  • ates
  • showdelay
  • autotrade
  • at
  • leave
  • accept
  • reject

Premium Player
  • Premium room
  • able to use stylist
  • able to use Platinum Skill NPC
  • edit player name on selected item/eq
  • 100% remove card
  • more @commands then normal player
more to come and so on...

Premium does not effect the balance of the games, why wait? come and join us
Feel free to complain and suggest idea for improvement.
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Old 04-01-2011, 11:14 AM   #428

Default ThesaurusRO

ThesaurusRO is a fresh new balanced server with 225/120 Max Level in a non-PK environment on a 24/7 Server. War of Emperium Season (+8GMT). Daily Events hosted by Friendly & Approachable GM's.
ThesaurusRO maintains the balanced of server and maintain the fair of the players..

Server Info:
  • Rates: 55k/55k/100%
  • Normal Card Drop rate: 100%
  • Mini Boss card and MvP Boss Card Drop rate: 25%
  • Max Stats: 255
  • Max Atkspd: 195
  • Max Level: 255/120

Server Features:

Custom NPC
Job Changer
Dungeon Warper
Town Warper
PVP Room
MVP Room
Gold Room
Dead Branch Room
Skill Resetter
Stat Resetter
Card Remover
Automated Event Monster Invasion
Custom Equip Quest

Language Spoken:
  • Tagalog
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Join us today!

Register: http://www.thesaurusro.com/cp
Download the client: http://www.thesaurusro.com
Follow us at facebook ThesaurusRO page
go to facebook to get some news about our server... thanks.

PM me in IGN: Yanzkie

*[GM]Metal* tigasin2884@yahoo.com :ani_glare:
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Old 04-12-2011, 11:20 AM   #429

Default Cross ragnarok online

Cross Ragnarok Online

Server Information:
Max Lvl : 99
Max Job : 70
Rates: 1k/1k/100%
Mini Boss Card and Mvp Cards : 2% drop rate
Normal Cards: 10% drop rate
Max Aspd : 190

Server Features:
Warp Npc
Healer Npc
All in One NPC (Job changer, Rental NPC, Platinum Skill Npc, reset Npc)
Marol Battle Recruiter
PVP Warper
Mvp Rank Npc
Pvp Rank Npc
Emperium Test Breaker NPC
Broadcaster NPC
Indentifier NPC
Quest Head Gear NPC
No 3rd Jobs
Team Wars
Active WOE

Automatic Events such as:
Dice NPC
Poring Bomber
Poring Catcher
Poring Punch
Poring Event
LMS Event
Treasure Box event
Warper event

GM Events Most of the time
GMs' are always active and Very Friendly


Control Panelhttp://crossro.axwebs.com


GM SkuLL (admin)
GM Holic (all around gm)
GM Elwyn (developer)
GM Pucca (web)
GM Lightning (event/support/police)

for questions regarding our server contact crossraganrok@yahoo.com and boa_nathalie16@yahoo.com(Yahoo Messenger), Cross Ragnarok (Facebook), nathalie.palaganas (Skype), www.voxli.com/Holic(voice chat)

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Old 06-28-2011, 03:18 PM   #430

Default PrincessRO

PrincessRO is a new server, it opened on Thursday 6-23-2011 at 11 o'clock.
Here is all Information you need:

Server Specs

~~~> High Rate Server

~~~> Max Base Level: 375

~~~> Max Job Level: 80

~~~> Base Level Rate: 10.000x

~~~> Job Level Rate: 1.000x

~~~> Drop Rate: 100%

~~~> Card Drop Rate: 10%

~~~> Miniboss Card Drop Rate: 5%

~~~> MVP Card Droprate: 5%

~~~> Features:

~~ MVP Room
~~ Gold Room
~~ Friendly and Helpful Staff
~~ Healer
~~ Custom Maps only available in PrincessRO
~~ Custom Mobs only available in PrincessRO
~~ Custom Items only available in PrincessRO
~~ Lots of commands
~~ Many Many More
~~ Extensive Customization

What makes us unique? Well, we are the only server that combines ZELDA with RAGNAROK! We have a Custom Zelda Storyline including Quests, Items, Maps, Monsters, etc...

Unfortunately, every server has to start someday, so we don't have a lot of players online at the time being.
If you are open for new servers and new experiences, even for Ragnarok Veterans, I'd like to encourage you to give us a try, I'm sure we won't disappoint you.
All Classes have been balanced and their overpowered Skills have been adjusted to fit the Maximum Level and Stats.
We have no overpowered donations, you can get just as powerful by doing Quests and trading as you can by donating.
All Donation items are also tradeable.

Interested? If you are, feel free to visit us at

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Old 08-30-2011, 03:39 AM   #431


Hi, NetRO is a new international retro server that will be up within this week and we would like to start a community on the server.

We are a new server which opened on August 21st, 2011 and we look forward to meeting you in game! If you have any questions you can message us at netragnarok@gmail.com or visit us at NetRO. With WOE still not opened, we highly recommend new guilds to be formed to create as much competition as possible! Everyone still has equal chance!

To Sum up our server info:
Max level: 99/70 for Advanced
99/50 for 2nd class.
Max stats: 99
Instant cast: 150 dex
Max atkspd: 190

The server rates will be:
Base: 20x
Job: 20x
Quest: 25x
Items: 5x
MVP/Miniboss Cards: 1x

Warper (Town/Dungeon)
One Click Healer/Buffer
PvP Warper
PvP Ladder
Much more to come!

Donation items will not be overpowered as we would like the server to be balanced.
Custom quests will be added on later when we have a community going. (We will have a vote to see whether players want these custom quests in or not)

We currently have three GMs:

GM Duncan
GM Derek
GM Thomas

To check out on our hiring page please visit our forums!

Remember to check us out!
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Old 09-25-2011, 12:53 PM   #432

Default EverlastRO - Back to the Roots 5/5/5

Hello everyone, I'd like to Invite you all to my Ragnarok Online Server.
Server Description:

EverlastRO is a new balanced 5/5/5 rated international server under german leadership, with fast growing and friendly community.
We have people from all over the world germany, russia, malaysia, vietnam, canada, usa, turkye and much more. We need YOU to grow more and become one of the big great LOWRATE.
  • Active GM´s and Administration.
  • Purchase Shop Skill from KRO
  • So close to the original as even possible.
  • Nydhoggurs Nest Instance 100%
  • Eden/Paradise Group 100%
  • Donations are not to power you up (just Shopping Card and Storage Card)
  • Customs are just for decoration
  • !Donations are only for server help not for user support!
  • No 3rd class
  • Some custom quests.
  • Fullclient & Lightclient
  • Weekly maintenance on monday.
  • No Jobmaster or Platin Skill Manager.
  • Weekly events by a GM.
  • The last server you´ll ever need.
  • Critism and suggestions are welcome.

Basic Information:
Base Exp:
Job Exp:
Drop Rate:
Quest Exp:
Max Base Lvl:
Max Job Lvl:
Max Stats:
Server Website:
EverlastRO - Back to the Roots
How to Register?
Website own registery

Player Commands:
  • @away
  • @autoloot
  • @alootid
  • @autotrade
  • @duel (etc.)
  • @ii
  • @jailtime
  • @mail
  • @mi
  • @noks
  • @showexp
  • @showzeny
  • @whosell
  • @who2

Other Feature Highlights:
  • All Buying Store (new in KRO full implemented here)
  • Storage Card (Open your Storage wherever you are)
  • Shoping Card (Opens a tool dealer shop wherever you are)
  • Reset NPC
  • Breeder
  • Banker
  • Stylist
  • Warper (Dungeons and Towns)
  • not in fields or dungeon levels
  • Warps are not free[Questboundet Warps]
  • Jobquests
  • Mission Boards
  • Beginnerquests
  • Autoevents
  • and much much more

We do everything to make our community happy!
See you soon on EverlastRO
The last Ragnarok Online Server you ever need!

  • Webdesign GM
  • Language Supporter (your lang to German/English)
  • Event GM

  • Next maintenance 19-09-2011
  • Working on Revenge of Homunculus
  • Fixe Warper issuses with Glastheim
  • Add 4 new official headgears from KRO to Missionboards in Prontera

Last edited by Alaska; 09-25-2011 at 01:15 PM.
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Old 11-01-2011, 08:44 PM   #433

Default REUnited Ro

REUnited RO is a new server that just came out not too long ago.

Server Features:

With the Official rates 5k/5k/1000x Renewal 3rd Class with Normal Card Drop rate of 100% and MvP Card Drop Rate 20x.
w/ Godlike Items and donation Items.

- 24/7 Uptime
- Daily WOE SE & FE 7:00pm-8:00pm GMT+8
- Active and Friendly GM Team
- Daily Events with Uber Cool Prizes
- Lag-Free, Balanced and Stable
- No Over Customed Items
- Monthly Guild of the Month
- No BoTs - No 3rd Party Programs - No Hexed Clients
- Dual Login Disabled!
- 3rd Job Class
- No Wings
- Lot Of Custom Items
- Custom Hairs and Colors
- Mature and professional staff team.
- Starting Zeny 1m
- Ammo Arrow/Bullet Unlimited
- Attack Speed 195
- Battleground
- Healer and Normal Buffs NPC
- Pods Hunting NPC - Treasure Box Summoner Event
- Bossnia
- Disguise NPC
- 3v3 Party vs. Party Event.
- God Item Quest
- MVP Room
- FBH / Beelzebub / Disable
- Golden Thief Bug Card 50% enable. - No Gold Room
- Main Town Prontera
- New Maps Available (Mora, El Dicastes, Splendide, and many more) - United States Based

- And Many More NPC.

@go @warp, @rura, @main, @return,@load, @storage, @help, @time, @data, @jailtime, @uptime,
@pettalk, @autotrade (@at), @duel/@invite@accept/@reject, (Duel Commands)
@changeleader, @changegm, @away, @mi, @request @alootid
@whodrops, @me, @homstats, @homtalk (Homunculus Commands)
@noks, @main, @feelreset, @showdelay and Many More.

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Old 01-12-2012, 12:22 PM   #434

Default [New Server] CentRagnarokOnline

[new server] Cent Ragnarok Online

started january 10 2012

Max Blvl/Jlvl 99/70
Well balance server
30% Normal Cards
5% MVP Cards
Lots of Quest NPC
Battle Mode v2
And many more!
Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?biism1f3u8pbq8e
Control Panel : http://cent-ro.bluesky-vpshosting.info/cp/
Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cent-...69961656436808
Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/246807538720913/

need players :) come and join us
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Old 04-12-2012, 09:29 AM   #435


A Ragnarok Online Private Server

We're a new high-rate PK server, aiming to bring the best gaming experience to all our players.

Server Information:
Max Base Level: 255
Max Job Level: 70
Max Stat: 255
Max ASPD: 195
Base/Job level experience: 2500x
Normal drop rate: 5000x
MvP card drop rate: 250x (2.5%)

Support Languages:
English (Predominant)

Server features:
Free Healer in city
Job Changer
Dungeon/Town Warper
Custom Drop Rates
Skill/Stat Resetter
Platinum Skill NPC
Card Remover

@go, @warp, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot, @alootid and a lot more.

Additional information:
Stable Connectivity
Balanced Job Classes
No Renewal Class
Custom items; most of which are not only made available to donations
Adjusted card drop rates for MvPs; so it'd be more of a challenge
Overpowered items and MvP cards removed
GM hosted and mini events
Friendly, caring and helpful community with no GM corruption
Highly competitive WoE and PvP

For more information, please visit our website and forums. We will be glad to answer any queries you may have.

SlimRO Official Website
SlimRO Official Forums
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Old 07-28-2012, 09:55 AM   #436

Default Konan Ragnarok Online

High Rate Server~ 9000/9000/Customs~!! Balance Server~!!

Control Panel : http://konan-ro.nickyzai.com/cp/

Facebook Pages : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Konan-...70313026406530

Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/443180302383502/

16 Set Quest Job : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...6406530&type=1

Hunting Server ~
Quest Server ~
16 Set Job Quest ~
Pvp Server ~
FULL Balance Server~ AS PROMISE~
3RD Job Renewal : Yes
Experience Rates : 50000X
Regular Equipment Drop : 70%
Regular Card Drop : 40%
Boss Equipment Drop : 50%
Boss Card Drop : 20%
Max Level Trans : 255
Max Level Third : 255
Max Job Level Trans : 70
Max Job Level Third : 70
Max Stats : 250
Balance Donation item ~
No Godly Card ~
No Godly Item ~
Balance Server ~ AS PROMISE~
Auto Eventor ~
-Last Man Standing
-Capture The Flag
- Catch The Poring
- Disguise Event
- Zombie Run
- Find The Mushroom
-Monster Wiki
-Hide And Seek
-Bomb Poring
-Mr Dice
-Poring Race
- And many more -
Farming Room ~
- Gold & YggDrasilBerry
- Poring Coin Room -
Exchange Point ~
Custom Over 800+ ~
Rare Item 550+ ~
Baby Third Job ~
Quest Room ~
- Mr Ticket [Can Buy The Rare Custom Using This Ticket ]
- NPC Buffer
Custom Fury Weapon[RARE] For All Job Class ~
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