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Yes I do, but that doesn't mean that I don't equate science into it either. If God created all things than He invented science too. All we're doing is acknowledging what's already there.
Why do people automatically assume that just because there's a scientific explanation now that it means God couldn't have possibly had anything at all to do with it? That's the most juvenile thing I've ever heard.
Is it not at all a possibility that maybe God is more than just a big fairy in the sky (as some atheistic youtube commenter put it... probably 13-years-old and angry that the world isn't like the HP books), or that because there's no hocus pocus fairy dust in the world that it automatically just wipes out the idea of God's existence.
Its called Deism. There is another religion very similar to Deism, minus the parts about how God planned everything to be perfect. I forget what its called though. Which, by the way, is the religion I am most inclined to follow. Though I am not religious, so I would appreciate if you would stop saying stupid things like "everyone is religious." Its just not true.
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