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That is a good question. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home and church where we were taught that you can never have sex until you are married, you should never watch porn, and masturbation is something you just don't talk about ;)
Ah. See, I know several people who just won't shut up about it. It annoys the fuck out of me. But I'll have my laughs when they're forty, balding, and have to put three lackluster children though community college. (This sounds just like my dad, except that I'm not going to community college, and he's not paying for it)

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This resulted in a lot of hormonal teenagers hating themselves because they were just that... hormonal teenagers who needed a release. You can't just ignore a desire that is biologically built into the very fabric of life itself and expect it to go away. It has to be managed in some way. That being said, I also know that pornography destroys a lot of marriages. So I would have to say the key is moderation in all things. I could be wrong but think a lot of violent sexual crimes are carried out by people who watch WAY too much porn and are obsessed with it. And MOST of porn is demeaning towards women... and influences our attitudes whether we like it or not. But then is it even possible to make porn that isn't demeaning towards women? Hmmm...
In a way, it is sort of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's a biological urge, but it often causes unwanted thoughts to intrude a person's thought patterns, but in this case it can be owed more to hormones than to a chemical or structural imbalance in the brain. Also, there is a correlation there between people who watch too much porn and people who perpetrate violent sexual crimes, but this is not the former causing the latter. There is a common cause for both, probably the aforementioned hormonal influence.

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I would be interested to know whether violent sexual crimes have increased or decreased since things like the interwebz have made porn a lot more easily accessible.
Sexual crime activity caused by the internet has mainly been the work of sexual predators. Also, the influence of online pornography might be affected by one's connection speed, I'd be interested to see the correlation there.

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deez nuts

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I think porn may be almost moot in terms of sexual violence. I know this sounds bizarre, but I don't know that violent crimes in general are often committed by people who before they saw something violent done had no desire to do something violent. Watching porn doesn't create rapists. It may make people horny but certainly not violent unless they were already messed up. Or grossly offended.
Indeed. If someone is fucked up enough, it wouldn't matter if their day is a self-servicing festival or if they wear lead chastity pants, they're still fucked up enough to perpetrate a violent crime.

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What the diddy? wouldn't watching porn, and jerking to it make you more calm and anti-rapistisk? i mean .. rape happens because of boys being horny wanting to grind the worm.. so if they beat their dick like it owes them money they wouldn't go rape.. I know I wouldn't
It'd seem like either their arm would become tired or their hand would become boring. Also, where the fuck would they find time? Pulling down your pants and flogging your log every time you get the urge would be distracting, to say the least.
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