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So question number 1: Objectively, do you think completely censoring pornographic material would cause an increase or decrease in the number of violent sexual crimes that are perpetrated?
That is a good question. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home and church where we were taught that you can never have sex until you are married, you should never watch porn, and masturbation is something you just don't talk about ;)

This resulted in a lot of hormonal teenagers hating themselves because they were just that... hormonal teenagers who needed a release. You can't just ignore a desire that is biologically built into the very fabric of life itself and expect it to go away. It has to be managed in some way. That being said, I also know that pornography destroys a lot of marriages. So I would have to say the key is moderation in all things. I could be wrong but think a lot of violent sexual crimes are carried out by people who watch WAY too much porn and are obsessed with it. And MOST of porn is demeaning towards women... and influences our attitudes whether we like it or not. But then is it even possible to make porn that isn't demeaning towards women? Hmmm...

I would be interested to know whether violent sexual crimes have increased or decreased since things like the interwebz have made porn a lot more easily accessible.
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