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Originally Posted by TrUsTy{~}SoCkS
apparently the PS3 has 1.8 Teraflops(wtf are those! sum1 please tell me) which means the 360 only has .6 of a teraflop. man im a nerd.
You don't know what a teraflop is?

And you call yourself a nerd...

(Your logic is appalling. It takes a real geek to divide 1.8 by 3! I'm impressed!)

Originally Posted by Heyyou27
I'll be honest. None of the new consoles are an amazing piece of hardware.
In actuality, the XBox 360 is a damn powerful piece of work. It's more powerful than 95% of PCs available today. The only problem is that none of the developers are willing to spend the cash to create a game that pushes the limits of the console's ability.

That's where the idiots down at bungie come in. They'll go create a Halo game full of so much razzle-dazzle that it patronizes all other games on the market, and lose millions of dollars in the process.

I hate stupid companies...

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