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I joined when I was in seventh grade (about 12 or 13), after learning about the song "O Fortuna" in my chorus class. I googled the song later and came across a flash video made to it here, and eventually joined the boards. I've gone through many phases, all while being massively argumentative, thinking that having a gargantuan incoherent wall of text equated to being good at debating.

This isn't the first or last forum I've joined, but it is my favorite out of all of them. Where others are fan forums or special interest forums, this place is somewhere to talk about anything and act however the hell you want with the same handful of people the whole time.

Over the years I've come to have a sense of humor about things and take it easy more than I used to, and know how to more accurately communicate my true emotions in written form instead of just typing away and then posting without thinking.

As everyone else says, this place has provided a lot of laughs and fun memories for me. Maybe I'll even show the archives to my kids someday.
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