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Dude I have a hardcore boner for Gprime and I always will, that's that.

I joined back in like 7th or 8th grade after stalking the boards for awhile after initially being led to the site through ABS. I was and forever will be metal candycane, the member of questionable gender and phallic username. I suppose I've grown as a person, though I feel as if I've just become more corrupted and confused about where I'm going, but I know that's normal.

I met some of my favorite people on here that I talk to often, some nearly daily. I feel like many of you have grown up with me in a way most people don't get to, and thus have a certain core understanding of me and each other that really makes me fond of you all.

This summer I'm debating taking a month and just basically gprime roadtripping, specifically to Boca, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia. *shrugs* I sometimes feel a bit dumb for being so continually attached to you people, but I can't help but love you punks.

Also if you guys wanna show some love, my AIM is SomaybeIamcrazy and my skype is unicornbob.
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