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I remember there were one or two upgrades/updates to the forum which required a rejoin and so my membership here is actually longer than what the profile states. But yeah, back then I was sure I'd be heading into aviation, and in a sense I am, but I'm also more keen now on photography - something I never saw coming. The flying and photo-taking have provided a small income for now whilst I'm in education.

So now, I'm at university studying business, although I always thought I'd do an engineering degree and was eyeing up an aerospace eng course - but alas, it wasn't to be. Still keen on Photoshop but mainly for the photo editing side of things rather than the 3D graphics that I could produce in it and 3DS Max.

I often look back on my time here as a massive learning experience. Meeting new people from across the world, all the while sitting in my bedroom and listening to awful music. Learning internet languages of the time (early 2000 and something speak). That and a few other things is what makes this a sort of stomping ground for my early internet days and I love coming back here for the nostalgia. Although at times it's like coming home and remembering all your mates have pissed of to uni/college/different countries and won't be coming back for a while or ever.

There's a part of me that longs the days of yonder where the forum was alive with a buzz of different folk. The other part is quite glad that this place is unique and that some of the core members keep the lights on at night and dust the place up every once in a while like some ancient house.

For anyone 'across the pond', I'm planning on possibly travelling to Canada over the summer months - specifically Vancouver, maybe head over to near Montreal and end up in dans le US in Pennsylvania at a friend's college there. So if any of you would like to have a small get together, meet up or even host for a night or two, I'd be more than grateful. So please, get in touch!

Anyway, bollocks to the nostalgia. Here's a shameless plug for my photography page. Slowly developing an actual site.

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