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Default How far you came?

Since Gprime is *cough* dead, however a long standing site I was just wondering since you stumbled onto this site how far you've come in your life? :D It's kinda like a little nostalgic post. I'm not sure if I've made this post before, but I thought about it - might have been too lazy to actually post.

So, with me I was 13 when I found Gprime, through ABS. Specifically the 'Banana Phone' flash. I then trolled Gprime all the way through highschool while in IT class and met some interesting people including: *Tries hard to remember names* BlackIce? Uhm, something about a Tree, AllGirlsArePrincesses (not sure what she is now :D) Isharted, Ryu and ofc John. I apologise if my old memory aint what it used to be.

Now I'm almost 23 and at University studying Tourism and working towards accomplishing my goal of moving out of the damned UK :D - Hopefully working for a year in America shortly. Don't really come on here any more as people take a while to make posts and I'm impatient But love to hop on once in a while and see how it's changed and how people are.

So, what about you guys? I know there's still some long-standing members still here :D

Also if you miss me my skype is Scottyp89, it's my main method of contact other than Facebook these days :) ciao~
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