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It is a topic that can fo' sho' lead one's mind in a circle. I like the concept of Merlin, living backwards in time. That's always fun to think about.

Now, Time/space relation. When you travel through space, you travel through time, but you don't have to be traveling through space to travel through time. However, the concept of wormholes is a sort of exception to this rule, as you travel through time and space in an unnatural way simulateously when you go through a wormhole. The hole is a tunnel through both time and space, and is basically a 'worldline' bent in just the right way. You enter in one end and exit out another end anywhere along the plain of space or time.

Of course, time travel from the future to the past is most likely never going to be possible, as there are no 'tourists' from the future walking about killing or saving random things for no apparent reason. Unless, that is, the future human race has developed a way to be undetectable when they travel back in time, entering, making adjustments, and leaving so quietly we don't notice them, but that's fairly doubtful. Maybe the future humans have found a way of calculating all the possible consequences of their adjustments, which is impossible, calculating that the Butterfly Effect (that's what it is right?), or 'Ripple effect' (one thing causes another causes another and causes another, etc.) is infinite and completely unrelated things happen as consequences for changing the past.

'Tis an interesting thought, so it is.
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