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I can name all em, I consider myself a name connoisseur.
Moon Unit- a deffinate 10 for originality and style
Diva Muffin- an 8.5, points off for using the word "diva"
Dweezil- 9 (would have been a 10 but they were unable to convince the doctors to put it on the official birth certificate)
and Ahmet gets a 7, its a great name, but not exactly as original as the others.

I also know more "no arms and no legs" jokes than any healthy person should. In case you've never heard one, here's an example.
Q: What do you call a man with no arms and no legs having a fit in a pile of leaves?

Q:What do you call a man with no arms an no legs, hanging on a wall?
Q: What do you call his arms and legs hanging on a wall?
A:Pieces of art.

Obviously they're all name based puns. I got a million of them.
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