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Originally Posted by diet poop
what is up with everyone being obsessed with chuck norris? by the way i googled "Chuck Norris getting his ass kicked", got 83 results.
yea they are all about how he didn't. and its 4 images see
and what do u mean being obsessed with Chuck Norris that is impossible, that's like telling some one that they are obsessed with their religion because they always go to church.

oh and i got the list from the internet, its an amazing place. i don't know the original author so i didn't post it.

oh and ill add 1
Chuck Norris is actually the second coming of Jesus in disguise, he is trying to figure out his loyal followers(me) from the terrible death spawns (diet poop)

Originally Posted by MrNaPaLm32

you shed your skin 12 times a year. its nothing special that chuck norris does.
yes it is his skin is so hard he only sheds it twice, just for a change, he chooses when to do it

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