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Originally Posted by Genisis9 View Post
Most of you wont even know what this is but, Fable is my favorite.
hehe my dad has fable the lost chapters it looks cool, but my fave would have 2 be kingdom hearts 1 and 2, rachet and clank 1, 2, and 3, pokemon lol.
Originally Posted by Pink Floyd View Post
I have a few
Kingdom hearts
Sims 2
Ratchet and clank 1, 2, and 3.
jak 3
I only have ps2 and a computer so I would'nt know about the other systems

im with u. i love all the rachet and clank games, plus jak n daxter and i LOVE kingdom hearts 1 n 2. oh and also the sims 2! i also like pokemon lol
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tetris sux
u suk lol

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